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Monday, July 7, 2014

Book Review: Karma Kurry for the mind, body, heart and soul

Karma Kurry for the mind, body, heart and soul,  By Jeroninio Almeida and Jyoti Nanda, published by JAICO. Contact Authors at:

This is a very interesting and timely book and on the efforts of seemingly common people, who were courageous enough to take the first step. It is a compendium of 26 brief biographical sketches of people from various walks of life. These people excelled in their chosen vocation, but decided to go further and contribute to society. They had the vision and courage to look beyond narrow self-development and work for the less privileged, poor and or voiceless. 

The biographers have done an excellent job of writing succinct and inspiring accounts of the lives of these real heroes/heroines. The editors have done an equally commendable job of selecting the widest possible array of work and level of intervention and background and context of work. It includes stories ranging from environmental protection to innovative education to medical intervention and provision of care services; those who worked at international level to those who made a difference at the level of a village or town; from celebrities to the least known names. But, the common thread that ran across all the stories is the sensitive heart that gets affected by the misery of others, passion to make a difference, struggle to achieve what one believes in and innovation. 

All stories are outstanding and inspiring in their own way; but those that inspire the most are about the struggle of disadvantaged people who rose to the challenges life threw at them, overcame and continued to strive to help others in similar situations. Those that deserve special mention are the stories of Subhashini Mistry, herself a poor uneducated widow who struggled hard to raise her family and made good of her resolve to start a hospital in her hometown; Javed Ahmad Tak, who despite his 100% Disability, decided to help others and also continued to attempt improve his own skills; a true story of “Never Say Die” spirit.  Lakshamn Singh’s single-handed and gritty efforts to deal with water scarcity in his village and consequent poverty and DrChikholalThangsing’s efforts to provide compassion and care to victims of AIDS; Sailesh Mishra’s untiring endeavors to create awareness and facilities for the least understood diseases in India that afflict older persons i.e. Alzheimer’s Disease(dementia) are inspiring. 

This book is like a ray of hope in this atmosphere of overwhelming pessimism. It is certainly curry for mind, heart and soul. It satiates the hunger for positive examples of human courageand compassion and instills a sense of confidence in the reader that all is not lost yet! It evokes the mind to think about the real meaning of human life which is way beyond running endlessly to fulfill one’s ever increasing desires, heart to beat for the others especially the disadvantaged and the soul to find fulfillment.

This is recommended for reading by all especially children and young adults who need to be encouraged by the lives of Real Heroes/Heroines who work selflessly for the betterment of other human beings!  

Anupama Datta
Policy Research and Development
HelpAge India

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