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Monday, June 8, 2009

Impact of Childhood history in Adults

Childhood history has a lot to do with how we live as adults because certain childhood events could trigger something that would last a life time. Take for example if a child fails at something and the parent does nothing to help the child, the child will grow up thinking that failing is alright and that he or she will have a hard time in life with their job or in school or life in general.

Many events from a persons’ life can stick with the person throughout their life like a thorn in the side. The event will every so often reappear in the persons mind when some event in the present triggers a familiarity with the past event and the person could go in to a state of worry or even worse shock. In this occurrence it could immobilize the person and result in a lackluster in the persons life and might not be able to carry on until the issue is resolved.Many events that have happened in a persons childhood could result in how they live for example: a child who lived a certain way might become a custom to that way and live like that for the rest of his or her life and may not ever come out of that comfort zone until he or she is addressed with the issue. They may not want to try new things or meet new people or anything for that matter. The childhood history also has an affect on the relationship with the persons’ parents. Events that occurred in the past redevelop and the person might love their parent or hate their parent depending on their child hood. This is also true with relationships with a life partner. However they were brought up will affect their relationship with their partner.

Many psychiatrists believe that child hood events could show want might be troubling people, and when they find out what happened they usually could solve the problem. The person’s surroundings as a child is also a factor on how the person will live when they are adults. Usually when a person is surrounded by comfort the person will be a warm gentle person, but a person who is surrounded by violence and anger as a child will usually grow up to be and angry and violent person. In conclusion I believe that the child hood of a person or persons’ will greatly decide what his or hers adult life. Their child hood memories will stick with them either in their mind which they always remember a certain event that changed their life, or a memory will stay with them subconsciously and at a certain time a event in their life might trigger that memory that was in their mind subconsciously and arise and cause some pain and might be hard for the person to deal with in their adult life. Thus we should try to live a good life and not let too many things trouble you as a child because we still have our adult life to let things trouble us.


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