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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Social Code for Business

In recent years, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility had emerged as an increasingly importantly feature of the business philosophy. No longer is business seen as basing its decisions solely on economic criteria. Businesses are now excepted to consider the ethical, moral and social impact of their actions and decisions. A corporate that is sensitive to the surroundings and to the needs and aspirations of the community in which it operates not only creates goodwill and a strong market for its business, but also helps support a sustainable neighbourhood. We(UNDP & CII) list here a set of principles and standards for good corporate citizenship for voluntary adoption. Concern, understanding and responsibility are in the essence of this set of principles.
  • The Company affirms the interdependence of its enterprises with the well being and self–reliance of the community. This can be done by adopting an Article of Association on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that advocates harmonising economic progress with social and environmental considerations
  • The Company has a specific written policy statement on CSR (social & environmental) which is in public domain
  • The Company has an explicit strategy on social and environmental issues that can be seen in the form of an Annual Work Plan mainstreamed with its business process
  • The Company has included CSR as part of its corporate communications including newsletters and there is reporting on CSR in the Company's Annual Report
  • The Company had a senior executive under the CEO responsible for CSR and managerial level officers tasked specifically with social and environment work. The CEO reviews the CSR programmes twice in a year
  • The Company ensures equal access to employment and promotion opportunities across gender and cultures through policies and programmes.
  • The Company had allocated specific resources for CSR activities and has monitoring system to track implementation process and impact
  • The Company demonstrates its CSR by providing an enabling environment for employees to volunteer that includes recognition and accounting for volunteer time
  • The Company is committed to document its learning experiences in terms of human achievements, contribution to the community, the learning for all stakeholders for sharing with local governments and development agencies
  • The Company is also known for the partnerships it builds with various development players in the fields to synergise all available opportunities to bring about holistic development of the local community
  • The Companies to expand the scope of learning from each other in their role of being good corporate citizens by way of exchanging data, views, implementation procedures and even exchange of expert personnel whenever necessary

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