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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) invites proposals Technology Intervention for Elderly – TIE

Government of India ,Department of Science and Technology Call S&T based Proposals for managing issues related to elderly population (Technology Intervention for Elderly – TIE).

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) invites proposals on focused initiatives for S&T interventions to benefit of elderly population in the country. The Proposals should focus on R&D for technological solutions with multidisciplinary approach to ameliorate problems and improve quality of life of the elderly population in both rural and urban areas.

Some challenges identified for providing S&T solutions are:
1. Development of assistive devices required by the elderly population in the urban/semi-urban/rural areas characterized by:
• Cost effective and affordable by elderly of different segments in society
• Inclusive designs
• Potential for commercialization.

2. Field testing of newly developed technology for acceptance evaluation and further adaptation.

3. Modulation of already existing technology specific for use of elderly to suit Indian conditions.

4. Development of technology package for healthcare of elderly to include preventive care in the area of:
• Area specific nutritional package
• Cost effective visual/hearing aids
• Cost effective dentures/dental implants, etc
• Documentation and validation of traditional health practices for elderly in codified Indian health system
• Cognitive support for elderly (Alzheimer/Parkinson/Dementia, etc.).

5. Safe Kitchens for elderly.

Some indicative technology areas are given below:
• Assistive devices for improving functionality, cognitive and assisted safety measures, excretion defects and related issues.
• Assistive device for various form of monitoring devices/non-invasive measuring devices/systems (injury preventions, blood parameters for non-communicable diseases, standing and balance training).
• Assistive devices for frequently occurring muscular-skeletal problems such as osteoarthritis of knee, ankle joints and the osteoporosis.
• Special devices/footwear for diabetic foot and care, biosensors for clinical diagnosis, automated pill box and methods for learning and analyzing computer signals of medical changes.
• Devices/programmes for fitness of elderly.
• Simple controlled devices for operating household devices.

In addition to the above themes, other novel/innovative idea/concept related to enablement and comforts of Elderly people in the country are welcome.

Eligibility criteria: Projects can be undertaken by academic/R&D institutions, NGOs. Collaborative projects between Institutions, Industry and NGOs working in the area of the elderly are encouraged. Proposals covering Areas of social sciences are not under the purview of this programme.

Project proposals (10 hard copies and 1 soft copy) can be submitted in the prescribed format available on the Website: to the address mentioned below.

Science for Equity, Empowerment and Development Division (SEED)
Department of Science and Technology, Technology Bhavan,
New Mehrauli Road,
New Delhi 110 016
Tel: 011-2659 0339, e-mail:

The envelope should be subscribed as ‘Proposal Under Tie-Programme’. The proposals can be submitted throughout the year. Proposals received up to 31 July 2010 can be considered for evaluation in the next PAMC meeting.

For further information contact:
In-charge TIE-Programme, Science for Equity, Empowerment and Development
Division (SEED), Department of Science and Technology,
Technology Bhavan,
New Mehrauli Road,
New Delhi
110 016 ( , phone: 011-2659 0322).

Source: The Times of India, Mumbai Edition dt.29th May 2010 pg.24

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anirudha said...

very good effort by our government

La Dolce Living said...

This is a good move. I hope they will find new ideas that could help in the care-giving industry.