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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A coveted Opportunity To Moonlight (work from home and from your computer) while continuing with your current job/ business as usual and earn handsome success fees. Inviting people working in NGOs, Corporate Foundations, Students, Homemakers, Retired folks and just about anyone and everyone who wants to contribute for a noble cause.

Important - this is not a full time/part time job/ consultancy and the select people who are chosen based on your intent & interest shall be remunerated based on their outcomes and results and also be given a certificate as our Evangelist on successful delivery. You shall also get an opportunity to attend our workshops & conferences as an esteemed team member.

iCODEVGURUKUL is the acronym for “iCONGO’s Development Gurukul” created in partnership with Skillshare International( India) Trust. Apropos the ancient wisdom, GURUKUL means that the GURU (Mentor) is always available and has close proximity to the SHISHYAS (mentees), where they work together as equals for fulfilling the greater purpose of life.

Skillshare ( ) works for poverty alleviation through sustainable development in partnership with the people and communities of nine African countries and India, and The International Confederation of NGOs- ( passionately works with PEOPLE, for encouraging social justice through citizen action.

The Development sector will be coming together in June 2012 for the 2nd Annual Development and Sustainability Gurukul. to develop the Power to Lead in the art of Fundraising, beyond sustainable CSR, integrated marketing communications, cross value analysis integrating CRM, Social, Online Marketing, PR and Social Media, from real time practitioners whose understanding and skills of the Indian context have been time tested. The focus of the Gurukul is to fill the gap in the skill sets of the Development workers and equip them with the right skills to sustain their ventures.

The Gurukul aims to reach out to as many as possible. To do this, iCODEVGURUKUL seeks Evangelists to work in their own space and time, over internet, email and social networking sites like linked in, facebook, twitter etc. to mobilise participants.

SUCCESSFUL Evangelists shall be paid a success fee on the following basis and this may be a great opportunity to generate some additional income by simply networking in your circles from your armchair & computer as all you need to do is forward a mail and get people to sign up over the phone.

10% of the fees on up to 10 participants,
15% on 11 participants and above.

Fee per participant is Rs 10,000/-

iCODEVGURUKUL shall be imparting specialist mentoring in development and besides the Developent & Sustainability Gurukul, we shall also be organizing other workshops and events. Once we choose you as our evangelist, you shall have the opportunity to also work with us for promoting other programs/ campaigns (like Karmayuga) that we organize through the year. You could also help recruit good NGOs as members of the federation. More details about our various programs/ movements are on and .

CHOSEN EVANGELISTS may also be involved as volunteers for the long term for our e-commerce portal and campaigns based on merit & performance.

How to Apply: To begin with send us a brief profile with a short covering note with your “statement of purpose” to  or  Please outline your ideas on how you shall add value to promote participation in our fundraising conference through your efforts & networking. We shall revert back to you based on your seriousness of intent that would reflect in your short covering note. Please note only shortlisted & potential evangelists shall be contacted.

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.


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