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Friday, August 8, 2008

RTI filing in India goes online : A big Change

Filing queries under the Right to Information (RTI) Act is just a click away. The Central Information Commission (CIC) in India has launched an online system for submission of appeals under RTI.

"The new system was started last week. Now all Internet and tech savvy RTI users can file their complaints and appeals online," a CIC official said on Tuesday.

The RTI Act was passed by parliament in 2005 for promoting transparency and accountability in the functioning of government departments, reports IANS.

Every department has a public information officer (PIO) to whom RTI applications can be submitted. However, if the user does not get the information or receives incomplete information, he can file first an appeal with the appellate authority within the same department.

In case the applicant still remains unsatisfied, he can file a second appeal to their respective information commission.

Now, the applicants will just have to log on to the website of and click on the 'RTI complaints and appeal' link, which will provide them with an application form.

"Filling of the form is very easy. The user has to just fill mandatory fields like name, address, citizenship status, ministry, department or public authority that the appeal is against and whether the complainant is below the poverty line (BPL)," the CIC official said.

The applicant may also fill other details like whether he has applied to any PIO for information related to their complaint and whether the issue at hand is a matter of life or liberty.

"The applicants can even upload documents related to their complaint. The applicants will also be able to check the status of their complaints online," the official added.

The official said that people living outside the national capital and abroad would be benefited the most since the online system would help them save both time and resources, ending their dependence on the postal department.


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