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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Silver Inning Foundation a Registered ''Not for Profit'' for Senior Citizens

We are pleased to inform you that after the success of Silver Innings website ,we have gone on next level in our passion to serve Elderly - the most neglected and ignored segment.

Silver Inning Foundation is now an NGO- A Dedicated Organisation for Senior Citizens and their Family members, registered under Society Registration Act of 1860 vide registration number 1300/2008/GBBSD dated 14/07/2008.

Silver Inning Foundation : Vision,Mission and Objective

Vision: Our vision is of an elder friendly world in which ageing becomes a positive, rewarding experience.

Mission: To uphold and secure the rights of elderly and actively work towards improving their quality of life by networking, advocating and researching elderly issues and providing a wide range of services according to their needs.

Objectives – The Ten Commandments:

  1. To work for people above 50 years of age and their family members and to provide for their basic needs viz. home, food and shelter, medical, financial, psycho-social needs.
  2. To sensitise and support community, society, people towards elderly issues.
  3. To promote Research and Development on issues related to elderly and ageing.
  4. To provide wide range of innovative, good quality services for elderly based on their changing needs and to utilize their experience, knowledge and skills for the betterment of themselves and society.
  5. To provide new services like care management and hospice for elderly and to actively work towards education and training of professionals and para-professionals in Gerontology, Geriatrics and Geriatric Care Management
  6. To promote adult education, vocational / professional training, hobbies and activities and Life Long Learning and to empower the elderly to run their own organisations and help themselves.
  7. To fight against ageism and promote equality and human rights for the elderly and bring elderly in mainstream of society.
  8. To provide and promote home-based and institutional services for elderly and the concept of Successful ageing.
  9. To initiate innovative intergenerational programs involving youth and elderly.
  10. To act as a pressure group and advocate for elderly issues with Indian Government and governments of other countries and to network with international organisations working for the elderly and also with corporate sector for bringing the issues of elderly in the forefront.
We thank all our supporters,well wishers,elders without their help and best wishes this could not have happened.

Silver Innings, A new beginning ………………………….

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

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K.Jayaraj said...

provide information reg;home for maged in Hosur/dharmapuri/ranipet etc in TN.Chritian org preferred Payment basis