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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Nalanda Centre for Holistic Learning available for Community Programme

Times Foundation, the developmental wing of the Times Group endeavors to create an enabling environment that fosters development through a range of activities like advocacy, partnership building and implementation of social programs.

One of these initiatives is the Nalanda World Wisdom Centre, which seeks to reincarnate the essence of the Nalanda University at Pataliputra of ancient India . The Nalanda World Wisdom Centre aims to facilitate holistic learning by enhancing the well being of communities through rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul.

The spectrum and character of the programs ranges from the traditional to the modern aspects such as Spirituality, yoga & meditation, health programs ranging from counseling to support groups, art & culture, professional skill enhancement such as human resources, legal and counseling skills.

The Nalanda centers have been conceptualized as a platform for holistic development. We offer the venue at no cost to those individuals or organizations who wish to conduct suitable programs at these venues. In return the organizations are required to contribute by replicating the same programmes for disadvantaged segments and audiences.

Nalanda Centres :
Lower Parel
Nalanda @ HELP

We are proud to announce the opening of yet another Nalanda centre at Masjid Bunder .

This would be the focus of programmes required by marginalized, underprivileged and socially excluded groups and communities. Thus the society around the centre would benefit from programmes on health, women empowerment, educational and development workshops for children and youth, in addition to the life transforming spiritual programmes

Having an area of 2500 sq.ft working space with all facilities, the new branch is located at -
Masjid Bunder
M.S. Godown,
The Times of India ,
Masjid Siding Road ,
Wadi Bunder,
Nr. Ghadial Godi, Mumbai-400 009
Contact details -022-22733212 / 22733242

Nalanda being a platform for holistic development will provide the venue at no cost to interested / concerned individuals and groups to organize social development based programs and courses.

Posted by:
Divya Mahimkar
Times Foundation

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