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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Naujawan-E-Hind : Street Play Group

Few days ago at new Mall at Goregaon,Mumbai,India I met this three young boys and was amazed by their passion for Street Play.

Here is note about their group.

Naujawan-E-Hind was established on 24th May 1992 by a group of young students from SIWS College who wanted to be united in performing various arts even after college. We started of with a streetplay called ‘Ek Ajnabi Lash’ which went on to become a milestone of Indian street theatre. 17 years since, the play still attracts the same kind of attention and also gets us wonderful laurels.

Naujawan-E-Hind is a non-profit, apolitical organization working on social causes like AIDS, Drugs, Illiteracy, Communalism, Population, Pollution etc through the medium of street theatre. Street theatre is an effective medium that enables us to bring about awareness, reaching out to the masses across the country. It is a platform that enables face to face interaction with people, educating them on the causes as well as the precautionary measures that need to be implemented by them to fight against social issues.

Naujawan-E-Hind (NEH) have over 4200 performances to their credit. NEH has organised two national street theatre festivals under the banner “Bol Jamoore”. NEH has performed plays for organizations such as The Indian Navy, The Indian Army, Mumbai Police, CRY, DAIRRC, Nirmala Niketan, Department of Adult Education, Govt of Maharashtra and a host of others.

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