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Monday, October 26, 2009

Social Justice Through Health Care

We just come across a person who can fully comply with the provision of health care system either by the government or the private sector to perform to be met. This is true not only for developing countries, but for all developed countries and true.

Each individual contribution law-abiding has some legitimate state. Disappointment with the current exemption of health care forces people opportunities to better look beyond the boundaries of time. The current flow of patients developed to developing countries took the proportion of medical tourism. Medical tourism is a two-way street. Bad from India are known to visit the Rashid Hospital Lahore for a kidney transplant. Medical tourism is certainly world-class facilities and services our companies offer hospitals. These hospitals now can be an excellent tertiary hospitals. The lack of adequate clinical material, as patients are often cited in parleyences asked medical doctors in the developed world in the medical adventurism.

Recently, two NGOs, led by renowned plastic surgeon from India have been in India, who claim that their credit carried hundreds of cleft lip and palate surgery in a week. During my brief interaction when I asked a fundamental question, how do you justify the step of the operation by a single specialist for a clinical entity that requires 3-5 operations of 10 specialists over 20 years There was no response. On the record, all the local doctors to conduct these operations.

These NGOs to bring a number of medical residents for the trainees hands on training. The introduction of questionable services and drugs continues unabated in the absence of strict regulation. Clear guidelines and to date that health authorities have so far Safe Guard are adopted, the health interests of the nation. Most drugs in developed countries are still allowed to be thrown into the Indian market. Trade only determines the orientation of MNEs in the health sector in developing countries.

State and national medical associations that are controlled, the guardians of our national interests of the health of representatives elected from among the physicians. Competitive populism is chosen for this high office has the bite of these same regulators.

In this "market forces" based health care, besides other factors, population size, economic prosperity and reading and research to dictate by major players. Subjective and objective evaluation of the operations of health care, leaving people confused with huge piles of data and interpretations without end. At the end of the Govt. Health Care Delivery System is the pharmacy or the transformation of rural slums, middle, and end user of a villager or illiterate or semi illiterate slum dwellers. Dispensary is the human face, can the welfare state to this day the people. The years of service were under the same social class, which they serve. Doctor can be a friend, philosopher and guide to the locals. Unfortunately, the differences between economic and social services, doctors and the public service users has increased dramatically. Ad Hocism health care should be taken with immediate effect. Doctors and medical personnel on contract basis will be appointed each year not shown an interest in national programs. Founded in suppliers of private health care did not demonstrate a significant commitment to national programs. Middle-class itself fragmented. Now it is fashionable to economic values to the question of how to allocate the sexes, but for social responsibility and justice.

In this era of rapid growth, is not organized, millions suffer in silence can not be evaded. After reading a quote on biodiversity, I came across a very interesting ", only economically important species will survive." In our active pursuit of economies of magnetization, we assign economic value, just for morale. Commercialization of education has a new generation of professionals who have produced little regard for professional ethics.

Privatization is the watchword, with governments, because it deprives the government. Private actors see too many "viable" institutions of health care. There are no prospects for economically viable institutions in rural areas. Rural health facilities of social medicine. More recently quoted one of the main actors of the private sector, health care, the development cost of a bed in the hospital sector to Rs 30-60 Lacs. These health care businesses are definitely beyond a common man. Such hospitals are certainly a nation with the current rate of growth "Bharat" is essential for different types of hospitals. There are strong social movements against exploitation in respect of private health services, inadequate public sector resources for health care and indifference to the welfare state.

Health for all is a very high, but expensive. There are ways to reduce the pressure of public institutions. Public-private health insurance, supervision and regulation of health care in the private sector can all do something as simple as that. Health education can go a long way in improving public health. Community participation produces health care has some, but wonderful examples.

An additional financial contribution from the employee may be led to minor defects, but significant in the public health system. Installing the company health care with the help of the World Bank has already improved the Government's work. Field of public health facilities significantly.

Community participation through NGOs can further improve the system, but most NGOs meaning turns back Govt. operate facilities for health care because of their doubts about the integrity of officials. Government establishment of health care increasingly seen not as hospital care, but as police stations, which are written medico legal reports and conducted autopsies.

Most of the time, the government doctors is to appear in court as lawyers issued medical witnesses. Emergency post-mortem and VIP functions also allow only doctors free to meaningful work for public hospitals. There is an urgent need for the separation of curative, preventive, law, administration and the intelligence wing of health. Public hospitals draw the poorest of the poor, the informal sector, particularly those of the. Their contribution to national GDP is far from small.

With the current rate of growth is upward social mobility in all segments of society. Many segments of the formal sector can be organized so that they enjoy the patronage of the welfare state in the form of health insurance. Besides the direct benefit to run these segments of society, the status of "working off" the tax burden on the health benefits of government, they led the charge on private health insurance.

Poorest of the poor is the belief in the welfare state alone. Sanjivini, health insurance with the Milkmen Cooperative Punjab is already a huge success. ECHS (Ex-soldiers Contributory Health Scheme) is another success story. These successes can be similar panwallas be dhabewallas replicated with many groups, drivers etc. autorikshaw easily organize the informal sector. There is no shortage of role models in the ranks of government doctors. Their inclusion as a drift to dissent from the current exemption for providers of health care is considerable improvement in the system. The stability of their functions is to provide an excellent incentive for the government, Doctors Without fresh Treasury. But his term of office for decades, should be discouraged because it leads to a change of interests of older established companies and denial of opportunities for youth. Adequate resources is a major problem in the Govt. run health system.

There are pharmacies, where specialists will be deployed, and many other civilian hospitals, where non-specialists will be deployed. This results in defects in the care of abusive and ineffective health. Hospitals have nodal tower rescue services clock cannibalize broken and diseased organs in which crores worth of equipment used is not bleeding and content to create invoices know the state treasury.

Most retired doctors in the management of the same rank. This unnecessary stagnation has forced many doctors a brilliant service. For the simple search options for the place of posting, the honest implementation with minimal displacement of merit can also stimulate new govt. Executive doctors.

Private Sector Health Care Delivery System is a fully market-oriented operating company. The so-called "market forces" at least have the respect of ethical and moral values. Sales Channels multi-levels have developed in the name of the referral system. End result is the use of common unsuspecting husband, who still considers his person a holy healer. This incentive "system is to strengthen the influence of doctors unskilled, unscrupulous and unregistered at the illiterate masses. Not many qualified doctors are unscrupulous.

Much of the providers of private health care really feel threatened by blackmailers of all kinds. Consumer Protection Act is very comfortable to stick in the hands of their executioners.
Under the constant threat of extortion is that providers of private health care are becoming more defensive posture. Other patients are only in tertiary care for this reason called the flooding referral institutions. People have the common sense that the disease is an invitation for use in the hands of suppliers of private health care.

Even non-profit hospitals are charging as much as a purely private hospitals. Medical profession is fully responsible and capable of correcting itself. Medical associations and organizations can work together to develop a fail safe mechanism to keep black sheep under control, even without government help, but ultimately with the government. Welfare is the State duty, not only in the provision of health care delivery system, but also proper management of health care and social justice through their mechanism of health care.

By Dr. Pardeep Kumar Sharma
omfspardeep @yahoo. com


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