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Monday, November 9, 2009

MyKartavya, an Volunteerism initiative by NASSCOM Foundation

Volunteerism has played an instrumental role in the development & progress of communities all around the globe. MyKartavya, an initiative by NASSCOM Foundation, not only connects you to a wide spectrum of volunteering opportunities, but also helps you manage & evaluate your efforts!

Why Volunteer?

We all have an obligation, a duty or responsibility towards ourselves, our family, our organization - but what about our communities, our nation, our society? As a part of today's corporate India, we are among the most talented & privileged! So help transform India and drive it closer towards a vision of being an inclusive, prosperous & equitable. Get involved in the development of your nation and yourself by volunteering!

As an Employee:

  • Get a sense of achievement as your efforts pay off with the progress of the NGO you get involved with
  • Develop new skills & add value to your profile - Employers give high value to those with volunteering hours on their resume
  • Be a part of your community - Volunteering is about helping others &creating an impact
  • Meet diverse people - More the merrier!

As a Company:

  • Track, monitor & evaluate impact
  • Increase efficiency in promoting volunteering, managing registration & event evaluation
  • Recruit, retain and engage top talent employees (Strong CSR & volunteer program helps!)
  • Enhance Brand Reputation - Serving in your community raises the profile of your company

MyKartavya does not require a unique degree or prior experience - but only a willingness to help! Learn new skills such as leadership and management, while enhancing the ones you have. Experience the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge. Call your friends, family, and coworkers and get involved - it will forever change the person you are.

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Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

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