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Monday, February 11, 2008

FLAME imparts excellence in Education

An Institute with a difference imparting Liberal Education; Established as a "Not for Profit" Organization- -Initiates the "Discover India" Project

In the beginning there was a Dream. A Vision. A Passion. A Desire. to bring to India something new, something exciting, something the country had never seen before. Three friends lost in the woods on the outskirts of Pune, together experiencing a revelation that would change the face of education as India knew it.

Today that dream has become a reality. FLAME – The foundation for Liberal and Management Education, nestled in the hills of Pune, currently offers over 200 students and more than 25 full time faculty from around the world, the chance to be a part of the education revolution that is FLAME.

FLAME (Foundation for Liberal And Management Education), is founded by Mr. Nemish Shah of Enam Financial Consultants Pvt. Limited and Mr. Parag Shah. Also on the Board are Mr. Vallabh Bhanshali, Chairman, Enam Financial Consultants Pvt. Limited and Mr. Anil Singhvi, Managing Director and C.E.O., Ican Investments Advisors Pvt. Ltd.FLAME was established as a “not-for-profit” organization in 2004 with an objective to create and build an excellent Institution of higher learning that is grounded in Indian values. Its President, Prof. Indira Parikh who was previously the Dean of the Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad, will head the Foundation. Supporting Prof. Parikh in the capacity of Dean, School of Business is Prof. Prakash Shingi, Ex. Dean IIM-A and officiating Director IIM-A; Prof. Achyut Vaze, Dean School of Communication, previously Director of a media school in Mumbai , Prof. Hiamnshoo Navangool Bhatt with more than 30 years experience in teaching at Liberal Arts Colleges in USA and Prof. YSP Thorat, an eminent academic and former Chairman of NABARD.

FLAME, spread on the 75 acres of green expanse comprises of a School of Liberal Education offering undergraduate programs in a host of subjects from the Creative Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences and applied areas; a School of Business offering a PGDM in Management, a School of Communication offering PGDM in Mass Media and a Center for Organizational Growth and Excellence offering Management Development Programs for the Industry.

FLAME aims to prepare graduates who have a strong desire to learn and improve continually, welcome new ideas, value diversity with desire to succeed and give one’s best towards excellence in all spheres of life. It aims to deliver experiential learning to foster in students professionalism, collaboration, appreciation of leadership, ability to work hard, take rational decisions, and develop high thinking and sensitization to social needs.

Its curriculum includes skills and competencies for the knowledge economy (communication skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, and teamwork) that also meet the needs of the private sector. FLAME plays a proactive role in promoting entrepreneurship and enterprises.

FLAME operates on the principle that ‘no talented person shall be denied access to higher education opportunities on the grounds of economic and social backwardness’. It offers direct financial support in the form of scholarships, partial financial assistance and educational loans to students directly, based on the criteria of talent and financial and social backwardness.

The Eco-Friendly Campus:
The Campus is designed for sustainability and energy saving design is incorporated. The campus has a facility for water harvesting , vermiculture and students are trained to separate their bio degradable waste and its disposal. The Campus has been designed by the famous architect B.V.Doshi. Each building has been designed for consumption of minimum energy.

Some points on the campus which may be of interest:

The Alternative Current Switches (ACS) are structured to take up bare minimum load.
The electrical fittings are Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) and LED light systems and save power.
The hot water generated due to the usage of ACS will be transferred to the kitchen to wash utensils.
Residential blocks have solar water heaters.
Thermax has donated a Water Recycling Plant due to which 92% of water is recycled and used in the garden. FLAME has set-up its own vermiculture plant.
Many FLAME students drink their tea/ coffee in the khullads made by them at the campus because they do not want to use paper.

Developmental Activities:

FLAME has a vision of an educational system that will not just facilitate the intelligence that already exists within the students, but bring out their hidden potential, cultivate and develop qualities that are truly valued and appreciated. Development activities give the students an exposure to ground realities that bring the students face to face with deprivation and in direct contact with the underprivileged, inculcating empathy, humility and compassion making a person humane.

Development activities are mandatory and are scheduled for three hours each week. Team approach is emphasized here. Students are encouraged to design their project proposals, strategy and implementation plans, which will enable to put into practice the skills, ideas and concepts that they learn as a part of their course. Focus will be on taking up small projects on environment protection, conserving scarce resources, setting up income-generating enterprises, developing market models etc.

FLAME, through the development activities program has a vision and focus to evolve and develop the leadership qualities in students, nurture the sensitivity within and encourage team spirit. This experience will go a long way in facilitating hidden potential, complimenting their professional and personal lives, thus making their tenure in FLAME a fruitful and a meaningful experience.

CSR Initiatives:

FLAME has taken an initiative to start the school & the crèche for the children of the construction workers on the site. These children have now taken first few steps towards learning & get to enjoy activities like sports, drawing, singing & dancing.

FLAME has encouraged students to set up their own Council and has drawn the Constitution and Charter of the Disciplinary Committee. The Student Council plays a major role in the functional, administrative and social areas of a student’s life at FLAME.

Discover India Project:

During the 11th trimester, students will participate in a “Discover India” competition. They will be divided into groups and travel to different parts of the country to gain first hand experience of the varied lifestyles and cultural heritage of India. At the end of the study, they share their experiences, through audio/ video presentations as a part of the “Discover India” competition.

COGE: (Center for Organizational Growth and Excellence)

The Center for Organizational Growth and Excellence (COGE) is an autonomous institution established by FLAME and has been conceived as a center of excellence. COGE’s mission is to professionalize organizations and enable practicing managers across all levels to enhance and renew their skills, have a vision, update their knowledge and broaden their perspectives. This is to set global standards of excellence as well as human relatedness.

FLAME ensures that, in addition to formal knowledge in their chosen subject, students are also to be grounded in values and ethics, have perspective and context, are culturally and socially aware, have excellent communication skills... all that is needed to ‘make a difference’.

What can be learnt at FLAME:

Flame School of Management
Flame School of Business
Flame School of Liberal Education

FLAME school of liberal education offers a four-year undergraduate program culminating in a double qualification: B.A or B.B.A and a Diploma in Liberal Education.

FLAME school of business offers a two-year PGDM program anchored in liberal education. FLAME school of comminication offers a two year PGDM (Mass Media) program anchored in liberal education.

FLAME Center for Organizational Growth and Excellence (COGE) offers Organizational and Management Learning and Development Programs

The ultimate aim of Liberal Education at FLAME, therefore, is to empower students to simultaneously question the status quo while being at peace with themselves and their environment.

For further information please visit:-

Institute contact:
Sandhya Potdar
Chief Consultant, Corporate Communications – / 982211-0065

Media Contacts:
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