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Monday, June 9, 2008

More students for Social work

Anushri Misra loves dancing as much she likes doing social service. In fact, she aspires to have a career where she can work for the downtrodden and needy. Now she has got a wonderful opportunity to go to US and study how civil societies and non-government organisations work there.

Pranav Gupta aspires to become a chartered accountant. He loves solving complicated financial problems. All set to leave for US, the boy is looking forward to learn as to how US economy functions and how the respect for "change" and "individualism" among Americans has made their country a superpower.

These two Lucknow University students are among seven selected by the US embassy for US government’s sponsored programme — "Study of the US institutes by undergraduate students of the southeast Asian countries". It includes five weeks stay, from June 29 to August 3, in US educational institutes to study American culture, history and economics.

Students are selected on the basis of their leadership qualities, community involvement and extra-curricular activities. While six each were selected from Pakistan and Bangladesh, seven have made it from India after a grilling round of interview held in March. Of seven from India, two are from LU, four from Delhi colleges and one from Aligarh Muslim University.

"Given an opportunity, students of the Lucknow University can prove that they are no way inferior to those in Delhi," said Anushri, a student of BA III, Isabella Thoburn College. She would be staying at Green River Community College in Washington. She thanked LU and her college for providing her such a great opportunity.

"There are many students from Lucknow who are moving to Delhi as they feel that educational facilities here are not upto the mark. But now LU is providing platforms for its students," she said. Daughter of AN Misra, a PCS officer, Anushri is also keen to know how the American democracy works. Her mother Rachan teaches in IT college.

If Anushri had participated in many social activities and cultural events besides being associated with various social organisation along with her regular studies, Pranav is an excellent speaker and debater. He is also interested in dramatics and sports as well as has been in the national cadet corps since class sixth.

"It would be a big exposure for me to actually see and study about American economy," said Pranav, a student of BCom honours semester II, LU. He is also pursuing chartered accountancy course. Son of Vipin Gupta, a city-based businessman, Pranav would be staying in the University of Vermont, US. His mother, Vidhu Rashmi, is a homemaker. The names of these two students were forwarded along with others by the dean student welfare, LU, prof Nishi Pandey.

The US embassy took telephonic interview of all the students before short listing. In an interview, students were tested for their alertness, English language, their views of various socio-economic and political issues. The programme is aimed to promote deeper understanding of the US, while enhancing their leadership skills. Students will take part in seminars, discussions, presentations, classroom activities, educational visits, interaction with American peers, community service among other things. The US department of state will cover all the cost.


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