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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why Is There Poverty in the United States?

The causes of poverty are widespread in this country. They range from unemployment to low educational standards. It is incredible that there is such a lack of outrage about this epidemic that has struck millions in our nation that is supposed to be one of freedom and opportunity. While we’re not saying that the poverty in other areas around the globe should be forsaken to handle the problems in our own borders, we’re espousing the fact that we need to realize that this is not a foreign problem. We’ve listed a few of the reasons why poverty has become such a major problem for so many Americans:

Lack of affordable housing. The state of housing in the nation today has left so many Americans homeless. With mortgages handed out as if they were growing on trees, so many people have had to abandon their homes as they have been foreclosed on. It is sad that this situation persisted for so long but now we have more homeless people than ever before in our nation’s history.

Substance abuse. People that abuse drugs are entered into a vicious cycle that eventually leaves them unable to care for themselves which relates to unemployment and financial disrepair. Accordingly, the poor people that are abusing drugs often have no place to turn to make their lives better and worth living. These people are living on the fringe of our society when they need to be brought in and tended to in a loving way to make sure they can kick their habit and reenter society in a meaningful way.

Low-paying jobs. The minimum wage is hovering around eight dollars an hour which leaves a mother or father helpless in trying to make their children’s lives pure. Coupled with the rising price of food and we’re seeing more people hungrier and unable to put food on their tables. People come out of college and are in sever debt that they feel such pressure to get a good job that they flounder for a while and the financial concerns mount and mount.

Unemployment. Even worse than the minimum wage concerns in this country is the unemployment rate. Prices of gas and food are soaring and so are the numbers of people left unemployed. It’s simple to see why poverty is affecting so many Americans when so many can’t find work and when they do it’s not rewarding at all as far as their financial needs are concerned.

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