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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Silver Personality of the Month June 2008:Silver Innings

PANDURANG SITARAM SAWANT: A extraordinary common man

A person can be considered common by society at large but he can be extraordinary when it comes to development of ones own family and village. Due to lack of facilities for education, children from villages need to be sent to urban areas and towns and this involves tremendous sacrifices from families who manage to send their children. Mr. Pandurang Sawant is one such person who strongly felt that children from his own family and children from the village should avail of higher education facilities. He himself had to undergo a lot of difficulties and sufferings in order to do that.

The children from his family and from the village accustomed to a simple life and who were not even aware how to wear chappals have Now attained high positions in their respective fields.

Mr. P.S. Sawant was born on 22nd January 1928. He was a precocious child with a natural gifted memory. He used to be ready with answers even before his maths teacher could write the full questions on the blackboard. His favourite subject was geography and he was adept at drawing geographical maps. After completing his secondary education, he came to Mumbai for doing his Teachers’ Training Course.

He was greatly influenced by great personalities such as Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Sane Guruji, Jawaharlal Nehru, Acharya Jawadekar, Achyut Patwardhan. By reading books on their lives he developed a sense of strong patriotism and dedication to social causes. He returned to his village with a strong desire to create a social reform in his village. He started high schools in his village which were built as a result of ‘shramdaan’ or which literally means donating ones labor without expecting anything in return. In the same manner, he enabled building of good roads and starting of rationing shops. He has been a strong influence and molded lives of many children in his village.

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