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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Computer savvy senior netizens

THE CAUSE of senior citizens is the most neglected. Elderly are the most ignored segment all over the world. Like many other things, technology and computers are not the things that old people take to easily.

To make elders a part of mainstream and upgrade them with technology, knowledge of computers and other electronics will help them to stay updated and connected to common man and issues. Seniors should move towards 21st century with information and communication technology (ICT).

This will give them confidence and will fight Ageism – discrimination against the aged.

We at Silver Innings promote this concept for seniors to be technology friendly and through this medium give them skill, knowledge, confidence and dignity. We want elders to be part of 21st century and make them active contributors in society till the time they would be able to do so.

According to census 2001, population of people aged 60 years and above was 7, 66, 22,321: 7.5 per cent of total population.

The projected population of India in 2008 is 1,147,677,000 that mean roughly at rate of 7.5 per cent the population of elderly will be 8, 60, 75, 775

According to UN by 2050, nearly 20 per cent of India’s population will comprise of people over the age of 60 years

The Internet enriches many seniors’ lives, but most websites violate usability guidelines, making the sites difficult for seniors to use. Current websites are twice as hard to use for seniors than for non seniors.

Seniors are one of the fastest growing demographics on the web. America alone has an estimated nine million Internet users over the age of 65 as of September 2004. Indeed, all industrialised countries have huge populations of senior citizens, many of whom have substantial assets. Although they are typically retired, seniors lead very active lives and often have great interest in modern technologies such as the Internet, which gives them another method to communicate and stay informed.

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We at Silver Innings have taken intiative to create a gateway of information and comprehensive website for Seniors :

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