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Monday, March 30, 2009

Is the groud slipping beneath us?

An article in Times of India dated 29th March ,talks about father-daughter incest. Yes, while father-daughter incest is heard of, mother-son molestation and incest is not unheard of either. Arpan is getting cases of such instances as well.

However, it's scary to even think of that. While it's difficult for most of us to digest the fact that how could a father do such a thing to his daughter I don't know how we will be able to accept that a mother does to her son?

The 'mother' holds such a sacred position in our hearts and minds that to think of her giving consent to her children being raped and molested (Mira road rape case) or herself being one of the offenders makes me shudder with fear.

I feel shattered and betrayed. : ' (

And if I am feeling what I'm feeling, what about those who actually become victims to their parents? the very first people they grow to trust.... people whom they think are their own... are there to provide and protect... but they themselves become the ones to tear down their child's trust, faith, self respect... the very essence of an individual... shattered, broken, torn, ruined for life.....

Yet, I want to believe that there must be something significant in the past of those mothers, fathers and other offenders that is compelling them to do what they are doing. Mostly we find offenders have been victims in the past. While their act cannot be justified there almost seems like some compulsion of their minds that they become vicitms to....

What is it about the human mind? What is it about our psyche? Why would a victim in the past want to abuse a child in the future? Is it revenge? Is it power? Is it just mental sickness?

At Arpan, we find in 94% of the cases the offender was known to the victim.

Is this the kind of society we want to live in? The kind of society we want our children to grow upto... that slowly loses it's reverence for parents, for what fatherhood and motherhood stands for.... it's faith in family members, siblings, relatives, neighbours, friends. watchman, driver..... the list is endless....

Will we soon start becoming afraid of each other? Will we all become victims of fear and paranoia?

Is the groud slipping beneath us? .............................................?

Posted by Pooja Taparia ,Founder - CEOArpan


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