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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Personal secretary of Mahatma Gandhi to Contest Parliamentary Elections 2009

Desia Paadhugaappu Kazhagam ( meaning National Protection Party ) a registered political party has decided to contest in the forthcoming parliamentary elections under the leadership of Mr. V. Kalyanam , personal secretary to Mahatma Gandhi.

In recent years, the electoral battle in India have more focus on political bickerings and personal ambitions of politicians and their family members, which have made the common man in the country feel unhappy and helpless.

In a democracy, the elections give great opportunity to the citizens to express their choice and have a quality of government that they would desire. For this to happen, it is necessary that in the elections , the concerned citizens who understand the seriousness and severity of the issues facing Indian democracy should come out openly and contest the elections to set right the conditions.

Clean politics is vitally necessary for healthy democracy, that would protect the interests of the deprived and downtrodden in particular. Politics can not be cleansed without clean people getting into it.

Further, it is sad that the Gandhian philosophy of ahimsa, truth, probity in personal and public life have not been highlighted as the principles by any political party in the country. Looking at the All India scenario, one wonders as to whether any political party swears by Gandhian ideals at all.

It appears that there is fear in the minds of many people that in the absence of money power and muscle power , it would be impossible to win elections in the present scenario. But, we are yet to give a try for honest people to get into the electoral fray and provide an opportunity to the citizens to choose them amongst the various contenders. Perhaps, if concerned and honest people contest elections, people may support them and provide some surprise to the politicians who seem to think that only manoveuring and corrupt practices and alliances even if unprincipled can win elections.

More than winning or losing in the elections, the important fact is that when concerned people swearing by Gandhian ideology in personal and public life would contest in the elections, it would give a sense of hope that the tide of corruption and dishonest dealings would be stemmed. The dishonest practices would be challenged even if they would not be defeated totally and immediately.

Concerned persons like Mahatma Gandhi and Jayprakash Narain were able to do positive things and create an atmosphere that gave confidence to the people about probity in public life. But, today, the intellectuals and concerned people largely remain as armchair critics. This appears to be the real issue.

With the objective of restoring Gandhian ideology as the central theme in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, Mr. V. Kalyanam, Personal Secretary to Mahatma Gandhi has come forward to give a lead to the nation by supporting good and committed citizens, capable of meeting the Gandhian standards in private and public life to contest the elections.

Mr. V. Kalyanam, aged 87 who served Mahatma Gandhi as Personal Secretary during the last five years of Gandhiji’s life and who had the opportunity to observe and work closely with this great soul, feels that enough is enough and struggle to restore Gandhian standards in Indian public life cannot any more be delayed.

About DESIA PAADHUKAAPPU KAZHAGAM under the leadership of Mr. V.Kalyanam will contest the election in south Madras Parliamentary constituency amongst others.

About Mr. N.S. Venkataraman, a Chemical Engineer by profession and Founder Trustee of Nandini Voice For The Deprived, a Chennai based NGO serving the cause of deprived and downtrodden will be contesting from the South Madras constituemcy.

Posted by N.S.Venkataraman
Nandini Voice For The Deprived

We at Silver Inning Foundation Salute V. Kalyanam , personal secretary to Mahatma Gandhi for his courage to bring change,though he is Oldest Old.

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