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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

UnLtd India looking for exceptional individuals in Mumbai

UnLtd India exists to be a home for early-stage social entrepreneurs in India. We find,fund and support individuals with ideas, passion and the entrepreneurial skills to enable them to develop as leaders, start up sustainable, high-impact initiatives, and prepare their fledgling organisations for further investment.

We do this by providing a unique package of financial and non financial support.

UnLtd India is looking for applicants from Mumbai for a unique incubation support programme.

The programme offers a one year long package of:
1. Start up funding
2. Hands-on assistance with critical areas like business and financial planning, fundraising, legal structures, governance etc
3. Connections to peers, experts and leaders

The programme aims to develop leaders and enable them to start up sustainable, high-impact initiatives and prepare their fledgling organisations for further investment.

See our current investees:

Find out more about UnLtd India:

Basic eligibility criteria:
1. Applicant(s) must be over the age of 16.
2. Applicant must be a resident in India.
3. Applicant must have the passion & the drive to make a positive change.
4. Applicant must have an idea or an existing project. The project must not be legally registered for more than four years.

Important points to note:
1. Applicants could be working part time on their idea/project.
2. Applicants need not have registered organisations.

If you know anyone within your network who meets the above criteria, then please connect at or call us at 022 3216 3287/9833762666 .

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