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Friday, September 26, 2008

Computer Education for Senior Citizens: 2nd Batch

A joint project by Silver Inning Foundation and Sterlite Foundation


Retirement is mandatory at a certain age for those who are in employment and voluntary for the self-employed. Whether it is at 50, 58, 60 or 65, it brings some sudden changes and harsh adjustments for which seniors are little prepared. Suddenly they find themselves without work, without contact with their co-workers and without any goal to look forward to. Though computers are a necessity for communicating with their children residing abroad the seniors find it difficult to overcome this fear though technology has never been restricted to a particular age group or strata of society.

Training in computers by Sterlite Foundation:

Sterlite Foundation has been educating and training students (from lower middle class families) in computers since more than 15 years. The aim has been to make technology available to all. In July 2008 Silver Inning Foundation- an organization dedicated for the welfare of senior citizens suggested to associate with Sterlite and initiate classes for basic in computers for senior citizens. Though Sterlite always had a handful of seniors being trained at the centres, holding separate batches for the seniors was the first. It is a well know fact that seniors have difficulty in retaining details and teaching a batch of seniors is a challenge which Sterlite was ready to take up.

After a lot of brain storming, the objectives of these classes were determined to be training seniors in computers (feared by many seniors), helping them develop a liking and make them comfortable with technology, promote voluntary work (to utilize their time) and learning at the centres after the training.

With the clarity of the objectives, a meeting was held with the seniors and the format explained to them. The method of teaching was discussed with the faculties and the teaching would be slower than the other batches with details being written down constantly on the black board. The Instructor Guide Lines (prepared by the academics department in Sterlite) was followed and content books were provided to the seniors. 50 seniors joined the course which began on 14th July 2008. During the basic course the seniors were taught to work on MS- paint, MS- word, MS- excel, MS- power point and internet.


Sharing and feedback:

During the sharing of their experiences the seniors felt that the course has helped them overcome their fear of touching a computer and operating it. Moreover they have access to a set of faculties, trainers and managers who are willing to support them at any time of difficulty. The seniors are given an opportunity to come back to the Sterlite Training centre and volunteer by helping out at the centre and simultaneously learning. We want to implement the idea “TEACH AND LEARN”.


To Enroll for Next batch start date of 4th November. Till then admissions are open for seniors aged above 50 years.

You could contact us on:

Sterlite Foundation- 22826005

Silver Inning Foundation- 9987104233

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