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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Department of Science & Technology

Ministry of Science & Technology

Government of India


Call for R&D and Technology Development Proposals

Department of Science & Technology (DST) has started a new and focused initiative on S&T interventions for benefit of elderly population in the country through its Science and Society Division. DST would like to support R&D proposals on conceptualization, research and development for finding technological solutions to ameliorate problems faced by the elderly population and to improve their quality of life. The possible interventions would include design and development of enabling devices, designs of homes, use of ICT in networking, recreation and entertainment, and health and nutritious food. Some projects already funded by DST under this programme relate to development of devices, launching a portal capturing technologies for elders and related matters, instituting fellowships at master’s level to attract young minds to work on special designs for elderly.

In addition to the above themes, DST would welcome any other novel/innovative idea/concept related to enablement of elderly people. Projects can be undertaken by academic / R&D institutions in collaboration with NGOs or industry, wherever feasible. The proposals should include clearly defined statement of the problem based on identified needs and state-of-the-art survey, objectives focusing on the proposed solution, project deliverables, market potential and well defined tie up with professional agencies for development/testing/verification/adaptation trials of technologies. Networked projects involving a number of agencies will be welcome.

Project proposals (10 hard copies & 1 soft copy) can be submitted in the prescribed format available on the website to the address mentioned below. The envelope should mention on top "PROPOSAL UNDER TIE-PROGRAMME. The proposals can be submitted throughout the year. However, proposals received up to 30.09.2008 can be considered for evaluation in the next PAMC meeting.

Head, Science & Society Division, Department of Science & Technology, Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi–110016 (Tel: 011-26590241, Telefax: 011-26964793. E.mail:


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