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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Prof. Ashis Nandy is Silver Personality of the Month - September 2008

Silver Innings announce Silver Personality of Sep 2008:Prof. Ashis Nandy – Seventies still making positive impact.

Ashis Nandy is a political psychologist and sociologist of science who has worked on cultures of knowledge, visions, and dialogue of civilizations. At present he is Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for the Study of Developing Societies and Chairperson of the Committee for Cultural Choices and Global Futures, both located in Delhi.

Professor Nandy is an intellectual who identifies and explores numerous and diverse problems. He has written extensively in last two decades. His much discussed book titled ‘The Intimate Enemy: Loss and Recovery of Self Under Colonialism’, which was published in 1983 by the Oxford University Press, India talked about the psychological problems posed at a personal level by colonialism, for both colonizer and colonized. Nandy argues that the understanding of self is intertwined with those of race, class, and religion under colonialism, and that the Gandhian movement can be understood in part as an attempt to transcend a strong tendency of educated Indians to articulate political striving for independence in European terms. Through his prolific writing and other activities supported by his belief in non-violence, Professor Nandy has offered penetrating analysis from different angles of a wide range of problems such as political disputes and racial conflicts, and has made suggestions about how human beings can exist together, and together globally, irrespective of national boundaries.

He was recently involved in a controversy with the Government of Gujarat for writing an inflamatory article, but the Supreme Court restrained the government from arresting him.

He has also produced a truly enormous number of articles and guest lectures. Ashis Nandy is a major world thinker with unusual and stimulating perspectives on many topics and making Positive impact in his seventies.

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