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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Iam writing, because Iam there

Dear friends,

14th January 2009 was day I was born, REBORN.14th noon I suffered massive Heart attack at a meeting at S. V. T. College (SNDT) College ,Juhu,Mumbai.The timely action by the college staff and my colleague Amruta Saved by life .

I was immediately admitted to small clinic which saved me and then I was shifted to a big heart hospital.

Through angiography it was found that there were 2 blockage 93% and 75% and the angioplasty was done.I was saved. Doctors looked as God and nurses looked as Angel.

Yesterday I was discharged and was waiting to communicate to you all my feelings.

Wanted to tell you all Big Thank You for all your good wishes and prayer’s; THANK the LORD who bought be gain to this beautiful earth to complete my work for Elderly through my organisation Silver Inning Foundation and . There are so many things for me to do in social sector, for my country India ,for this world.

Iam also grateful to all the Senior Citizens and their family members for whom I work for their blessings. They made be come back to serve them.

I could not resist to write to you, to communicate to all my friends here on net world, website, blogs…………I will bounce back with more energy, with more dedication and passion.Iam writing, because Iam there.

Please excuse me if Iam unable to do posting for sometime.

Iam so excited to be right here.

Your Friend

Sailesh Mishra

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

1 comment:

vyasa said...

Now I tend to believe there is a GOD.
Thank God for saving our Sailesh. He has a lot left to do.
Sailesh Cheer up. The worst is over.Best wishes