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Sunday, January 11, 2009

International Federation on Ageing Workshop in India - Jan 2009



National Policy on Older Persons was announced in 1999 commemorating the International Year of Older Persons by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Government of India. The document is exhaustive covering practically aspects of life covering financial security, Social Security, Health Security, Food Security and so on. The year 2009 would mark its tenth anniversary.

Senior Citizens Associations across the country have been voicing concern over its lethargic implementation while the Government India has been taking steps such as passing of “’The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Seniors Citizens Act 2007", Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority inthe backdrop of concerns voiced by senior citizens and in order to study the issues involved as well as to make recommendations, had constituted a seven-member committee on health insurance for senior citizens which has made recommendations; Andhra Pradesh Government’s successful launch of Arogysree Health Insurance in association with the stand alone Star Health Insurance to offer free coverage ofhealthcare expenditure for those BPL, Finance Minister’s announcement of enhanced Old Age Pension, MOSJE’s revised integrated programme for older persons to improve the quality of life of the older persons, launch of Reverse Mortgage Loan and many more.

It is often problem of implementation that challenges those working for the cause of older persons. It is therefore imperative that NGOs and organisations working for the older persons including the federations/associations at the national, regional, state, district and local levels establish for themselves goals in getting the NPOP implemented effectively. They need to be highly focussed to accomplish desired outcomes. International organisations like IFA, work to implement the Millennium Development Goals, Madrid International Plan of Action 2002, WHO’s Age Friendly Cities, advocacy at the international levelwith the United Nations New York, UNESCAP and UNECE amongst several organisations.

The role of India organisations in this regard can be defined and action plan drawn to effectively advocate with the central, state and union territory Governments to gain benefits to senior citizens whose number is continuously swelling.

The United Nations adopted Theme “Rights of Older Persons” for celebrating the International Day of Older Persons 2008. The member Governments all over the world accepted to eliminating all forms of discrimination, including age discrimination”. They recognized “that persons, as they age, should enjoy a life of fulfilment, health, security and active participation in the economic, social, cultural and political lifeof their societies” determined “to enhance the recognition of the dignity of older persons and to eliminate all forms of neglect, abuse and violence”. Despite this commitment, in many parts of the world, the rights of older persons are violated every day.

In social environments, they may experience a lack of recognition and respect. Most disturbingly, incidences of neglect, abuse and violence against older persons are not at all rare or isolated events.

It is in this direction that IFA - Asia is convening five one-day workshops on “Capacity Building of Senior Citizens Organisations” in five Indian major cities. The workshops by and large are divided in to four/five sessions (Inauguration/Key Note Address, Plenary Sessions, discussions in groups and Way Forward) commencing at 9.30/10 am and ending at 5/5.30 pm. Coordinators in the respective cities can be contacted for particulars.


The programme organised in India by Heritage Hospital Hyderabad has enlisted collaboration of HelpAge as one of the sponsors. Federations of Senior Citizens at Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Nightingale Medical Trust and Harmony for Silvers Foundation are hosting the workshops in five different cities.


Bangalore Jan 17 2009 Regulatory Body for Institutional Care for Elders

Chennai Jan 19 2009 Successful and Graceful Ageing

Hyderabad Jan 20 2009 Ageing in Place

New Delhi Jan 21 2009 Advocacy for Rights of Older Persons

Mumbai Jan 25 2009 Asserting Rights of Older Persons


Those interested in participating in the event can directly contact the respective Coordinators. The number of participants is restricted and therefore we advise immediate registration to prevent disappointment.

Bangalore :Nightingale Medical Trust - S. Premkumar Raja Ph: 9243100560

Chennai : Federations of Senior Citizens Tamil Nadu -S. M. Chellaswamy Ph: 044-28350809

Hyderabad : Federations of Senior Citizens at Andhra Pradesh - Mr. R N Mittal Ph: 9052004913

New Delhi: HelpAge India - Ms. Anupama Datta Ph: 011-41688955

Mumbai: Harmony - Mr. Hiren Mehta


K R Gangadharan : Vice President Asia IFA


Mrs. Suma Prasad : Ph: 9866078244


6-3-907/2, on Kapadia Lane, Off Raj Bhavan Road,

Hyderabad - 500082

About IFA:


The IFA was established in 1973 and since that time it has consistently campaigned for the rights of older people in a diversity of ways, including involvement in drafting key initiatives, participating in and hosting global conferences and producing reports and publications.

IFA’s key initiatives include:

1. The Declaration of the Rights and Responsibilities of Older Persons first published in 1990 was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1991 as the United Nations Principles for Older People

2. In Montreal in 1999, the IFA’s Fourth Global Conference brought together Ministers responsible for ageing issues from 61 countries. This successful meeting resulted in the production of The Montreal Declaration on the Rights and Duties of Older People

3. The IFA hosts bi-annual global conferences of leaders and experts in the field of ageing, including government ministers and decision makers, the corporate community and representatives of NGOs working in the field.

Visit for information on the next global conference to be held in Melbourne in 2010.

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