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Monday, February 15, 2010


Check this out:

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.


smita said...


Let me introduce myself, I am Smita Vahadane. I work for Avian Media; we are the PR agency for Dignity Foundation, an NGO that works for the cause and care of the elderly.

I was wondering if you could include Dignity Hepline numbers in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai on your blog to that senior citizens needing any kind of assistance can be reached out to.

Do let me know how we can take this forward,

Awaiting your response at


subhash said...

Vishwa Jagriti Mission believes that ageing is one of the most crucial issues vying for attention. If there is no intervention now, the situation will lead to an increase in the numbers of destitute elderly, decrease in per capita income and the quality of life of older persons. The basic problem of older persons in our society is a lack of security at three levels: financial, medical and emotional. We have programmes to address these issues and plan to overcome these problems by opening good quality old age Homes all over India. We are aware of the fact that this problem cannot be tackled by govt alone as such; there is the need to mobilize the civil society and NGOS on a large scale. We at Vishwa Jagriti Mission located at Delhi organise a function every year to honour senior citizens on 1st Oct. May i request you to suggest names of senior citizen to be honoured.
Subhash Bakshi 9313082789

Anonymous said...

Hi this is zahra a housewife i would like if an organisation where senior citizen are taken good care with people of their age.i m looking out for an organisation who could take care of my mom just because my father has married another woman and has left her with mental torture every day.she is above 60yrs.

pls help.

Anonymous said...

.i wanted to know names of NGO's that help old people who are neglected by their family and make footpaths their home.
please reply asap

People for Social Cause said...

In Mumbai Call '1298' Senior Citizens NGO Helpline OR Call '1090' Mumbai Police Elder Helpline - they will give all information and help

Anuja Shivdas said...

hello, i am anuja shivdas an engineering student from spce, we the students of spce are organising a charity event for mumbai, we want the people to know about what our elders face when we neglect them and would like to donate the amount recieved from thw show to such an organisation which requires money for the welfare of elders. we are given what we want by them without a question or a clause, its our time to see to it that wherever they stay they have the same comfort that they gave us. please contact me if ur organisation is ready to accept our love and respect!!!!

ravi said...


NGOS in India

deep patole said...

Hello a;;. my father is 78 years old , alziemer/diemntia patient. he is missing since 15 days. Police had'nt been of any help. I am looking for an NGO who can help me searching him, since I believe he is trying to come home but has lost his way. I tried sending email to silverinnings, even no response from them.I can trace my father with more help

Ganesh Billa said...

hi I m Ganesh from thane,in my building 1 old woman living wid her son,daughter in law & grandchild.
I think they r not treating well and taking care of her.

I cant explane it.
plz if any NGO can help her revert me back on
I will meet u and tell u whole things,
I just wanna help her...


tanushri mukherjee said...

Dear Sir,

My Father Ajoy kumar Mukherjee a Senior citizen presently admitted in Calcutta Hospital in an emergency.
It has been detected that his kidneys are not functioning well, so he is under regular dialysis.
We are from a weaker section of the society and request help for the payment of complete bills.

Its an urge to help us so that we can successfully pay the complete bill.


Nehaa agarwal said...

I wish to volunteer for women in need and elderly
Pl contact me

Shiwam said...

Nice post keep it update .. non profit organisation

anojros said...

How to help for poor people,education, cloth, food etc with online donation websites

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Apratim Group said...

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