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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Parivartan Foundation for Socio-Economic Development:YOUTH FOR CHANGE

The Parivartan Foundation for Socio Economic Development is a Non Profit Organization registered under the Indian Societies Act by a group of committed students who have a passion to be changemakers and a vision for a better India.

The Foundation aims at empowering people to effect a wholistic change. By combining the dynamism of youth and the knowledge of the more experienced, it aims to make a sustainable difference at the grassroot level using market driven approaches.

It all started when five friends at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani decided to put this quote to action. With two other like-minded individuals, we started our journey with an aim to bring the energy and dynamism of youth to development of villages.

Our present project won the prestigious Goldman Sachs Social Entrepreneurship Fund, for which two of our founding members were eligible. This award triggered our energy and ignited our passion for community service. Our current area of operation is a group of 9 villages in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, India. These are the lanka villages located in the delta of the River Krishna.

Our working philosophies make us unique. We believe that development projects need a strong receiving mechanism and have two guiding principles:

  • Treat people/communities you are serving as equal partners in progress and not as beneficiaries.

  • Teach someone how to fish rather than give them some fish.

These principles make our projects well oriented with the needs of the people and ensure effective utilization of all our resource.

Parivartan Foundation has various programs for different groups in the society. Primarily focusing on development, it also has well defined welfare activities. For farmers, productivity and income improvement are the goals. For youth and students, exposure to new methods of teaching, increased awareness about opportunities and access to financial resources for continuing education are the priority areas. For women and elderly, access to quality yet affordable healthcare is an issue. Widows also face destitution owing to circumstances.

The founding team consists of six students who are dedicated to see change as they dream of it! To know more about our team please visit :

We have taken up several projects in our current project location, which is a set of 9 villages in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. One of our projects is a Computer and Internet Centre that trains the local communities and makes them computer literate. This centre opens the doors to information and communication for the 30,000 people living in these villages.

In another project of ours we are constructing a 450 ton capacity storage yard that will help eliminate middle men from eating into the profits of small farmers in these villages. We also have a tie up with SBI, who is willing to provide a soft loan to farmers who store their crop in our storage yard. We also have a collaboration with the IFMR Trust and with their help we can enable farmers storing crop in this storage yard to trade it on electronic commodity spot exchange, thus giving them a favourable price.

We have recently launched an internship program for this summer. We are looking for like-minded young individuals who have the same dedication as us to work with us.

Sonam Samat
Parivartan Foundation for Socio-Economic Development
Eamil: ; ;

Registered address:
Sunrise House,
Opposite Neelkanth Apartments,
Kanke Road,
Ranchi – 834008,

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