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Saturday, February 6, 2010

People’s participation in development initiatives a must

Janwani, the NGO promoted by MCCIA for all stakeholders of Pune city, has called for increased participation by authorities, NGOs and individuals in the development of Pune Metropolitan Regional Development plan.

Addressing reporters recently, BG Deshmukh, chairman, Janwani, said the NGO is a platform for people keen on the overall development of the city. “People’s participation is essential to achieve what they want. We are pursuing the initiatives which are important for the city and which resonate the needs of the citizens of Pune.”

Ravi Pandit, founder member, Janwani, said the body would unveil the vision document after conducting extensive surveys in the first stage. “A consultant would be appointed in the second stage to look into various other aspects. Also, a study will be undertaken to understand various development patterns initiated in other cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Indore and Surat to examine whether any of these patterns can be adopted in Pune,” he said.

He said Janwani and MCCIA have been campaigning for better mass transport system and that Metro rail project cannot be examined in an isolated viewpoint.

“We are yet to go into the specific details of the Metrorail project for Pune. The project cannot be examined from an isolated viewpoint as it is linked to various other development aspects.”

Recently, the NGO had conducted a ground survey across various wards of the city regarding the use of compost pits by newer housing societies and carried out research of the transportation of solid waste. Six months ago, Janwani had helped the city traffic police develop a map-based Accident Report and Analysis System.


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