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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Resources for NGO & Social Sector in India

For free food grains for the destitute in Maharashtra:

Free Scholarship to Study at the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh:

Funds Available to Work on a Maternal Health Project:

Funds available for NGOs working for rural communities in Tamil Nadu:

Funds Available for College Students of Bombay to live their Dreams:

Funding Available for Social Impact Projects:

Funds Available for School Education - Bombay:

Funds Available for Cancer Research:

Funds Available for Christian NGOs:

Financial Help for School Kids Available - Bombay:

Free Treatment for Poor in Pune Hospital:

IndianOil Academic Scholarships:

Looking for CSR Activities:

Grants for Educational Infrastructure and Facilities: Check the details in the \'Schemes\' section of

National Scholarship for Female Students Belonging to Minority Communities:

Funds Available for Schools Projects around Bombay:

Free Cleft Surgery: and

Funds Available for Physically Challenged People:

Funds Available for Old-Age Homes - Bombay:

Donation Available for Parsi Trusts:

Free Treatment for Kidney-Related Problems - Chennai:

Free Cataract Surgeries in Bombay: and

Funds Available for Physically Challenged Females:

Hope this helps someone sometime somewhere. :)

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