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Monday, December 22, 2008

Calling Volunteers for Electing a NEW 'National Animal' Campaign

Calling Nature enthusiasts and animal lovers to support ''SPROUTS'' in its 'Elect a New National Animal' initiative. The campaign is pitched at electing a NEW National Animal, replacing the current (Tiger). The logic, since we aren't doing enough to save the current national animal, we may as well start preparations for a NEW National Animal.

The candidates are: Elephant, Langur & Buffalo. Teams of campaigners will campaign for 'their' candidate and discuss the issue with general public. Public votes via sms, emails and by secret ballots at various venues mentioned below will be solicited. We are aiming at generating mass awareness our National Animal and showing them a vision of the future possibility… (the main aim of the campaign will be disclosed to the audience right at the end on Dec 28, 2008).

We require a minimum group of 4volunteers at each venue/location, but 6Volunteers per location is preferred. If you have a group of your own, it is best or we shall team you with our other volunteers, at the venue you select in Mumbai , India.

Students can continue the activity in the respective colleges on 29th & 30th!

Please confirm your availability by calling Anand (98201-40254) or Gaurav (98705-05785) URGENTLY by Monday, December 22, so that we can perfectly co-ordinate the event and all volunteers at each venue.

Thanks in advance for all your help and support.


Anand Pendharkar

Director, SPROUTS


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