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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Over 70 percent of Indian youth never heard of globalisation

A section of Indian youth are still conservative in making friends outside their religious circles and more than a two-third have never heard about globalisation, said a report released here.

The report 'Indian Youth in a Transforming World: Attitudes and Perception' was released by Centre of the Studies of the Developing Societies (CSDS) yesterday in collaboration with Konard-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), an international organisation with German roots.

The report said that only 29 per cent of the Indian youth have ever heard about globalisation while 66 per cent of them still consider alcohol as taboo. About 48 per cent said they have strong faith in the democratic values while 27 per cent were indifferent to these issues.

Presiding the event, noted psephologist Yogendra Yadav from CSDS said "the survey exposes the underlying attitude of the youth and tries to study political and social values prevalent among the India's youth population."

Family remains a key institution among the Indian youth with parental authority continuing to be crucial, with 60 per cent saying that final decision on marriage should be taken by parents. "Family support system is invaluable." While 27 per cent of country's youth reported that they did not have friend from other gender, religion or caste.

Commenting on the fact that youth of the country is transforming but the politics is not, Lok Sabha MP Sachin Pilot a panel member said, "India politics is also changing and we will see much transformation during the next decade."

"There is disconnection between golabalisation and the 'Dalit youth' of this country because youths belonging to that segment of the society are still concerned about social and political security like right to vote," a panelist, Bhanwar Meghuvanshi of Dalit Adhikar Avam Ghumantu Adhikar Abhiyan from Rajasthan said.


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