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Friday, March 19, 2010

Online Survey for Review of NPOP (Policy for Older Person)

Dear Friends,

On 8th Dec 2009 the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment (MOSJE), Shri Mukul Wasnik informed about Review of NPOP at National Dementia Strategy, New Delhi.

NPOP was formulated in 1999, but till date it has not been implemented by Central Govt / Pan India, due to various reasons including lack of political will. Various NGO's and activist have been advocating its implementation and review.

During this 10 years the world has changed there has been significant demography change in India's population due globalization and improved medical facility and lifestyle. The fall of joint family system and rise in nuclear family system has brought new dimension to the care and welfare of Elderly. The population of aged people above 60 yrs as on 2009 is estimated at 90 million, i.e. around 8% of total population. According to UN the population of 60+ in 2050 will be around 20%.Life expectancy has increased 60% in last 60 years from 42yrs in 1950 to 69yrs in 2009.There is sharp increase in population of Young Old 60yrs to 69 yrs and Old old 80+. Due to this demand and needs of various age groups have changed. Now it is time for civil society and government to rethink their strategy to address the needs of Senior Citizens.

Silver Inning Foundation in association with Society for Serving Seniors has undertaken a National Online Survey to assess the requirement and need of Senior Citizens.

We request you to click on below link and participate in the National Online Survey for Review of NPOP:

Last Date to participate is 15th April 2010.

The final results with the recommendation will be submitted to MOSJE for welfare of Senior Citizens.

Also share the above URL and promote this survey among your friends and family through Email, groups in which you are a member, via Twitter, Facebook, blog etc

Your support will help the cause of our Elderly.


Dr P Vyasamoorthy

Society for Serving Seniors

Sailesh Mishra

Silver Inning Foundation

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sri Sailesh Mishraji

I am thankful to you for giving me an opportunity of joining the online survey for review of NPOP. I have participated in the National Online Suvey for Review of NPOP by clicking on the link :

I take the opportunity of draw ing your attention as well as the attention of all like-minded people and organisations working for the cause of the elders to the fact that financial security of the elders must be considered to be of paramount imporatance. Most of the facilities and services that the elders need can be made available to them if they have the means to procure them.

There are millions of elders retired from the services of private organisations where there was no pension scheme; and if at all there was any in some organisations, it wasn't adequate enough. A vast number of elders are receiving a meagre amount of pension under different schemes of the LIC. This amount does not increase but the rate of inflation goes up and up. Dearness allowances of govenment employees increase with the increase in price-index, but the LIC pensioners amount of pension remains static in this welfare State of ours. The government could float a Social Security Scheme for such elders who did not receive an adequate amount of pension from their employers, unless they can compell the erstwhile employers of the elders to revise and pay an adequate amount of pension ! Can you imagine a retired employee of an organisation receiving an amount of Rs.700/- per month pension in todays market conditions. There are millions who are getting even less than that as their pension every month. The value of their meagre pension has already eroded to the level of zero. If we have to do something meaningful for the elders, we have to remedy this malady. We have to give them adequate financial independence. All other comforts of life will follow. we don't, in fact, need even such a long list of demands for facilities, if we can make our elders as strong as they deserve to be made. If this change requires a new legal provision or an amendment in the Constitution - we should struggle to achieve that.

Thanking you

yours truly

M Jha