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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Infosys mentor Advises Indian Politicians: Don't be Ego Centric

Infosys mentor N R Narayanamurthy on Saturday flayed politicians for taking "ego-centric" stand on several critical issues, including Indo-US nuclear deal, without properly studying the facts.

"Most of our politicians do not have the details of the Indo-US nuclear deal. However, they are taking a stand," he said speaking at a management seminar organised by the Great Lakes Institute of Management here.

"When I ask them have you read the 123 agreement, please tell me what areas which you see are bad, very few of them were in a position to give facts. However, they have already taken a position," Narayanamurthy, whose name was doing the rounds for the post of President and Vice President earlier this year, told the gathering of management students.

Advising the students, he said "please avoid taking decisions based on ego, based on perceptions and go for an analysis based on data and facts. In the end, everybody is happy."

"Those of you who become politicians, I request you to have integrity of thought."

"Quite often, I find that politicians when they are in a government they take a certain stand and when they are in the opposition, they take a totally different stand. When you ask them, what the reason is, what circumstance has changed, they have no answer," Narayanamurthy said.

"Please have integrity of thought, convictions, please use data and facts to arrive at conclusions," he said.


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