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Monday, December 17, 2007

Mumbai 'pulls off plug' : Campaign against Global Warming

Hundreds of citizens in India's financial capital took part in a campaign on Dec 15th 2007, aimed at spreading the effects of global warming and the need to conserve energy, by switching off power in several places in the city.

The "Batti Bandh" (Lights Off) campaign was initiated by five young executives and was later joined by resident associations, corporates, NGOs and educational institutions.

The residents living in pockets of South Mumbai, Marine Drive, Worli and Bandra turned off their lights between 7.30 to 8.30 pm on Saturday as part of the campaign, inspired by a similar drive carried out in Sydney in March this year.

There were road shows and poster distribution to attract people to the campaign.

"We got a great response. We never expected a complete blackout. The main intention was to reach out to people with the message of global warming and conservation of energy," one of the organisers, Neil Quraishi said.

Though the campaign got mixed response, the experts from power sector appreciated the effort. They thought that it was a good initiative to make people aware of global warming and conservation of energy but suggested meticulous planning to carry out the effort.

"The campaign was symbolic, there is actual need of sustainable initiatives," Chairman of the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission Pramod Dev said.

He further added, "There are morning and evening peak hours. If we are able to save energy during peak hours we can overcome the shortage to some extent."


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