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Friday, December 21, 2007

Put on 10 Years to Your Life with New Year Resolutions

It is true to say that most people would like a long life with good health.In order to achive this, you have to keep your body in a good condition.There is a new age revolution going on that means a lot more people reach the age of 85 with not much trouble.Quite a few people are living past the 100 year mark.

So you want to live longer and enjoy, then there are some little things that you must do that will help.

The first thing to do is to go and see your doctor and have a check up.Any health problems will show up and your doctor will be able to advise what vitamins, supplements and diet will be in your best interest to follow.

Why not look into being a "volunteer". This will not only make improvements within your local area, it will also make improvements in your life. There is also the knowledge that you bring joy and satisfaction by helping others. For you to truly benefit, you should volunteer on a regular basis.

If you make mistakes, learn from them; this will also help you to live longer. Laugh about your mistakes, it never is the end of the world.

Get yourself a listening ear. Whether it be a close friend or a member of your clergy, having someone to vent your problems out on can help keep you from bottling them in and stressing out about them. Plus, having someone that you can share your problems with can help you to get a fresh perspective and find solutions. Keep your mind sharp with some sort of daily mental exercise. If you get the newspaper, try filling out the daily crossword. If not, other puzzles and games can help keep your mind working. Remember, the brain is like a muscle - if you do not use it, you will lose it!

Have you thought about getting a dog, there are many advantages:they are great stress relievers, you must take them for walks, people talk to you if you have a dog. All this goes to help make you live longer

Become active in your church or other religious association. Faith in something can help you to live longer. Join the choir, take up a Bible study, or participate in church activities. Not only will your faith get stronger, but you will also be building lasting friendships.

Do not be afraid of aging. Accept it as one of those life stages that all of us have to go through. Look to the positives and downplay any negative emotions. If it helps, take a few minutes each day to look in the mirror and tell yourself you like what you see.

Get out and live with a full social calendar. Really, it does not matter what, just make some friends.Doing this will have a hugh impact on how long you will live.

Lastly, throw open the windows! Getting some fresh air and sunlight is good for everyone. Even better, take some time to go outside as often as you can. Sometimes just getting up and out of the house can do wonders for your mood, and subsequently your health.

The purposeful goal of living a life that is natural, simple and free of toxins can also help us to achieve this goal of living a long life.One reason for our increased longevity is that our industrialized society has broadened our ability to have good things including improved sanitation, medicines and other medical technologies, improved nutritional knowledge, and better food and water supplies have all contributed to our ability to live longer.

So you want to live to be 100 and still enjoy the lives we live. Then maintain your mobility, and independence and your bodily functions. To do this you must take good care of your body parts while you go through your youth, and middle age so that by the time you enter your 60's and 70's you have learned how to age gracefully and with dignity.

Growing old gracefully just doesn't happen without putting some thought and action into achieving this noble goal. Our lifestyle determined by the risks we take and the healthy habits we cultivate, or not, have a bearing on the state of our health in later years.

Aging successfully means that we actually get to achieve old age by caring for our body and by not participating in dangerous activity that would put our body at risk for disease or injury. This applies to sexual activity as well as physical sporting or work/pleasure activities as well. It entails thinking about consequences for our behaviour so that we are protecting the health of our body in everything that we do.

Aging successfully depends on providing your body with proper nutrition throughout every life stage. Each stage has different needs from embryonic, infant, toddler, child, older child, teen, young adult, adult and aging adult.

Eat right and you will grow right from conception through the teen years, when it changing to reproductive tasks and matures. Growing and reproducing has different nutritional requirements from the mature and aging body and so we must make good choices when we plan meals so that everyone gathered around the table has what their body needs at that particular stage.

The nutrients that your body needs to work properly need to change over the life stages ,which means your food selection should change to.One secret is to choose and eat food with the seasons.Do not eat strawberries at Christmas!You cannot go far wrong with that.There are many books available on nutrition, in libaries and bookshops

Achieving old age can also be contributed to genetic and environmental factors. We have no control over the genetics part of the equation, but we can control our environmental factors. We can control the quality of the air we breathe and the food and water we consume. We can control what substances we introduce into our bodies (alcohol, social drugs, tobacco) and we can control how much sun exposure we receive as too much is not good and too little is also not healthy.


Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

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