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Friday, October 3, 2008

Accountablity of Non-profit institutions towards people

As in society each individual is unique like that each non Government organization (NGO). However, to establish transparency and it is extreme essential towards the liability of public or targeted group. On this perspective Jan Mitra Nyas,a public charitable trust based in Varanasi of India organize social audit of account and progress report of Jan Mitra Nyas on 30th September, 2008 in front of the district Head Quarter, Varanasi.

In the
social audit Managing Trustee Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi presents yearly program activities and also evaluates the outcome.

Account officer Mr. Ajay Singh presents yearly income and expenditure. According to him Dhirendra Pratap Singh founder of VIHAN organization took advance of 51,000 Rupees as General Secretary of V.O.P, till now he did not return the public money. One incredible fact came to knowledge that people took money for personal purposes who are so-called committed towards the working class and showing so-called commitment towards them. At last Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi, Director discuss on the internal democracy of the trust and he also state that development of people’s democracy is in process. In semi feudal society declared, the gap between the declared commitment of the individuals and actual commitment is danger for the people’s democracy.

People Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) formed Jan Mitra Nyas in 1999. Nyas is registered under FCRA and Income Tax Act and every year it files returns in Income Tax and Home Ministry (FCRA). CRY started financial and non -financial assistance to JMN for strengthen the struggle of VOP with model village. Sir Dorabji Tata Trust gave assistance for the education of dalits. Dr. Lenin donates money to Trust which he receives in Gwanju Human Rights Award. America India Foundation (AIF) gave assistance for Jan Mitra Rickshaw Bank. Mean while Asian Human Rights Commission and Action Aid International gave assistance to weaver suffering from T.B. Jan Mitra Nyas is giving fellowship to activists who are working with the people’s organization of children, tribal, farmers, labours and dalits.

Paru Sharma gave emergency fund for malnutrition, kitchen project and gave swing for children playing in Ayer Mushar ghetto.Helma ji of Indo-German society of Remschied supported the school building at Shivrampur and community center at Ayer through In Went of Germany.

It is known that Income Tax in the scrutiny investigation proves the accounting system of Jan Mitra Nyas is excellent.

Jan Mitra Nyas kept it Balance sheet, voucher and progress report in front of Public. Villagers, members of People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) and VOP looked the income and expenditure.

A new debate is started for accountability of non-profit toward the people.

By Shabana Khan


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