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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

World Elders Day


Older men and women everywhere contribute resources, skills and experience to families, communities and nations. Changing age structures, and shifting dependency ratios between age groups require social policy interventions to respond to and support greater longevity and its wider benefits to society.

Old age needs to be as secure and as productive as possible. Anything less means that older people cannot benefit from those extra years as fully as they might, and that their human rights are being violated.

On this 1st Oct, World Elders Day 2008 Lets take Pledge to Uphold the Rights of the Elders:

1) Right to Independence: to access to adequate food, water, shelter, clothing, and health care through the provision of income, family and community support and help.To work and pursue other income generating opportunities with no barriers based on age.

2) Right to Participation: to remain integrated and participate actively in society, including the process of development and the formulation and implementation of policies which directly affect their well-being.

3) Right to Care: to benefit from family support and care consistent with the well being of the family.To access social and legal services to enhance capacity for autonomy and provide protection and care.

4) Right to Self - fulfillment: to pursue opportunities for the full development of their potential and to access the education, cultural, spiritual and recreational resources of society.

5) Right to Dignity: to be treated fairly regardless of age, gender, racial or ethnic background, disability or other status, and to be valued independently of their economic contributions and to live in dignity and security and to be free of exploitation and physical or mental abuse(all type of abuse).

Suggestion for Indian Government:

  • Immediate Implementation of (NPOP)National Policy of Older Person by Central Government and by all ministry of Central Government
  • Immediate Implementation of (NPOP)National Policy of Older Person by all State Government
  • Immediate Implementation of Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Bill 2007 by All the State Government

Love,Care and Respect Elderly.

Silver Inning Foundation Salutes all the Elderly for their contribution to the Family,Society and Nation.

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

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