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Monday, December 10, 2007

Bhopal wakes up to greetings by children

All India Radio (AIR) listeners in Bhopal Sunday morning woke up to a pleasant surprise when they heard children anchoring various early morning programmes.
The children were invited by AIR on the occasion of the International Children Day of Broadcasting, declared by UNICEF.

Observed on the second Sunday of December each year since 1992, broadcasters air programmes for, about or by the children around the world on this day.

The day provides a unique opportunity for children broadcasters to use the medium. One important part of the initiative is that children themselves decide how and in what way they will participate.

'Many (children) who have been part to this earlier wait for the day and many new join in. It is an interesting experience for some and boost their confidence', said an AIR official.

'Radio is already making a comeback as a major source of entertainment. Such an attempt by children would further add to its glory as who doesn't wants to listen or experience the talent of children', said Laxmi Sharma, a schoolteacher.

'Radio is the most powerful medium even today and such an opportunity would encourage children to speak about themselves. It would also teach them about communicating with a larger audience. And above all, we the adults would also be able to understand children better who otherwise remain hesitant in expressing themselves', said SP Shukla, one of the participant's parent.

'This day gives one more opportunity to children to express and voice their opinion freely in line with Article 12 of Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)', UNICEF' Communication Officer Anil Gulati told IANS.


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Indian said...



The Commissioner,
Archeology, Archives & Museum,
Madhya Pradesh ,



Please oblige the citizens of the heritage capital of the great state by just replying to the following few queries with reference to the magnificent M P State Museum.-

1. When the national tricolor was hoisted for the first time in Bhopal ?

Is this great moment displayed anywhere in the huge M P State Museum ?
If yes - where ?
If no – why ?

2. According to a publication of the department “ BHOPAL : Itihas, Puratatva, Sanskruti evam Paryatan “ (Published by The Commissioner, Archeology, Archives & Museum, M P , Bhopal Yr 2002 ; pg nos 16 to 34, ), there’re large numbers of archeological evidences (like many hundreds of painted rock shelters, prehistoric tools, artifacts, sculptures, copper plates with inscriptions, documents etc etc; please see particularly pg nos 31-32-33-34 of the book referred above) very strongly supporting that the history of Bhopal doesn’t start & end with the nawabs but dates long back.

Has even a single article out of the archeological treasure found in Bhopal and referred above been exhibited or even mentioned anywhere in the M P State Museum ?
If yes – where ?
If no – why ?

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Has its even name been mentioned anywhere in the Freedom Movements Gallery of the M P State Museum ?
If yes – where ?
If no – why ?

4. Is the Treaty of The Bhopal State with The British (1818) is displayed in the M P State Museum ?
If yes – where ?
If no – why ?

5. Why a cyclostyled true copy of The Bhopal Merger Agreement (Dated 1951 instead of 30th April 1949) instead of the original or photostat copy of the actual agreement signed by Bhopal ruler & Mr V P Menon on 30th April 1949 ?
6. Is there any elation of Raja Bhoj with this city Bhopal ?
If yes – has his name even been mentioned anywhere in the M P State Museum ?
If no – why ?

7. The department seems to be determined to protect, preserve, renovate & publicize / glamorize the correspondence as precious documents, places, graves, buildings and everything directly or indirectly associated with the ex rulers & their family in the name of Heritage, BUT –
Could this government department over the 60 years post (?) independence identify even a single plase most prominently associated with the greatest freedom movement of the Bhopal State ?
If yes – where ?
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8. Congratulations & the Best Wishes for the celebrations on the MUSEUM DAY. Coincidently the nation is celebrating 150 years of the Freedom Movement too !

With thanks & regards,