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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Enable India With A Cause

Unemployment is one of the looming problems of India from the last decades of 20th century. The issue became a major concern to a particular sect in Indian society who is none other than the talented youngsters with physical disabilities. Their lives were turning away from deserving, yet unattainable goals when, the foundation of EnAble India shed light to their paths.

EnAble India is a charitable trust founded in 1990 by software engineers Shanti Raghavan and Dipesh Sutariya. The prime mission of EnAble India was to empower people with disabilities. Having known disability within a close quarter within the family; the founders used their know-how and insights to empower others. Drawing inspiration from years of experience in the corporate world; Shanti and Dipesh brought a professional approach to social service in EnAble India.

The vision of EnAble India is to empower and ensure employment for people with disabilities. The rehabilitation of people with disabilities through supplemental education, extensive training and providing assisting aids designed for daily living, education and for the work place was one of the major goals of EnAble India, when it was founded. The founders visualized people with disabilities fulfill their potential by being part of the workforce and enjoying successful jobs and careers. Their main concern was to build the next generation of people with disabilities who are confident, assertive, smart and independent.

The core activities of EnAble India on the present day are employment of people with disabilities, pre-employment services, supplemental education, counseling and support services, consultancy and training for other institutions and NGOs and technology services. They give extreme care to people with sensory (visual and hearing) disabilities and mental disabilities who find great difficulty to get employment. They are propelling the talent of people with disabilities towards productive use across private and public organizations in India's vibrant corporate sector.

EnAble India spreads the awareness that disabled can work efficiently in a variety of functions with the help of simple technology and other assisting aids. This charity trust dispels sympathy and apathy towards disabled persons to achieve its goals. They encourage families of disabled persons and society at large to create a strong supportive environment for people with disabilities to help them grow into confident, independent and productive individuals.

The activities of EnAble India were truly recognized by Ashoka Foundation when it selected Shanti Raghavan as their fellow. The innovative and potential ideas of EnAble India will bring about large-scale social changes in the future.

By: Dhanyasree .M


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