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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dawn of a new innings for senior citizens

The website, Silver Innings, intends to be a one-stop information centre for seniors, and will help them with age-related issues

With the recent spurt in crimes against senior citizens, there is every reason for them to be harried.

But there is a silver lining to this rather ominous cloud. And it comes in the form of a website.

If Sailesh Mishra and his three friends have their way, Mumbai's senior citizens can gear up for a 'brand new innings'.

The website for senior citizens, Silver Innings, will be inaugurated by RTI activist Sailesh Gandhi on April 10 2008. “What I have noticed about other such websites is that they are run by organisations that often provide more information about the services they provide. What this website intends on doing is to provide a one-stop information destination on issues related to seniors,” says Mishra, foun- der of Silver Innings. “And it is also aimed at the families of seniors,” he adds.

The website will provide information on issues concerning relationships, finance, laws, and health and fitness activities. It will also provide detailed information on diseases like Alzheimer's, and people will be able to send in their queries, which will be answered by experts.

Senior citizens make up a large part of society, and this makes it a much sought-after segment. “The Internet is a great medium to pass on information and make the world a better place for seniors,” Mishra explains. “What I have found is that many senior citizens use the Internet.”

The website will be a no-profit no-loss venture and plans to secure ads from companies that produce goods aimed at senior citizens, like wheelchairs, or banks that offer certain schemes for seniors.

Mishra eventually wants to form an NGO: “There is ministry for the welfare of women and children. Why is there no such ministry for seniors?” Mishra says that the website intends to lobby for such a ministry to be set up.

The website was named for the graying or 'silvering' members of society, said Mishra.

By Lhendup Bhutia


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RAVI MENON said...

Great job Sailesh!... well we the senior citizens need one....

Ravi Menon