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Monday, April 7, 2008

NGO pastes notices to spread awareness on global warming

The volunteers of 'Greenpeace', an NGO which has been making people aware of the aspects of global warming and leading a crusade 'Blue alert', today pasted 'eviction notices' dated year 2100, on the residences of people living at Bandra Bandstand, in the western suburbs.

The eviction notices that were pasted on the bungalows and buildings of Bandstand, asked the residents to vacate the place in 2100 or join the fight against global warming, that is expected to rise to 5 - 10 degrees in the current scenario.

Global warming is expected to rise by a couple of degrees as the temperature is increasing rapidly, according to a Greenpeace report that has been prepared by Sudhir Chella Rajan, professor of Humanities and social sciences, IIT Madras.

According to the report, the sea level is expected to rise by a couple of metres in the current scenario and majority of areas near the sea-shores will be submerged in water.

The celebrity residences, on which the notices were pasted, include that of Shahrukh Khan and actress Rekha, Swetha Ganesh, a Greenpeace co-ordinator, said.

''We have selected this area for the eviction notices, because the area is near the sea-shore and will be affected first,'' Ms Swetha said.

Brikesh Singh, the convener of Greenpeace, said that the issue is very serious and the government should adopt a mitigating stand rather than an adaptation stand on the issue.

''The government needs to prevent global warming rather than adapting itself to the problems and should make a beginning immediately,'' Mr Singh said.

Greenpeace has appealed to the Members of Parliament to raise the issue in the Parliamentary session and has organised a rally on April 15 to involve the citizens of the metropolis in the fight against global warming.


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