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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Father fights for 26 years to get justice for son

For the last 26 years, 98-year-old Harnam Das Sikand has been making the rounds of courts, hoping his dead son will get justice.

Krishan Sikand died on the October 2, 1982 in his Sunder Nagar flat in Central Delhi. Krishan was killed by a parcel bomb allegedly sent by Lt Colonel SJ Choudhary. Krishan was to have married Rani, the Lt Colonel's divorced wife.

''There was a party in the house. I was here and he was upstairs. Suddenly, there was an explosion,'' said Sikand.

Initially, the Crime Branch handled the case and later the CBI took over and arrested Choudhary in 1983. Two years later, Choudhary was released on bail. Since then, the case has been transferred from one court to another.

But Sikand's lawyer is confident that the verdict will be in their favour.

''I am very confident. We have proved the chain of events, the typewriter with which the address was typed has been found to be belonging to him. They have proved the chain of events. It is callous on being part of the system. It is good that the case is being highlighted,'' said Karan Singh, Counsel for Sikand.

Sikand went to the High Court twice. The first time in 2000. Despite the High Court asking that the trial be ended soon. It took another eight years for the arguments to end. A Delhi Court will now pronounce its judgment in the case.

Twenty-six years ago, Krishan Sikand was murdered in this very house and Mr HD Sikand's fight for justice began and after 26 years and 100 hearing in the court, finally he hopes to get justice soon.

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