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Friday, April 4, 2008

Software solution for mother and child care

The Government of Jharkhand has implemented ‘Mamta’ a solution aimed at tracking mother and child care programme in the state.

The programme, that is expected to considerably lower the infant as well as maternal mortality rate during pre and post natal phase, would also take care of the nutritional aspect of women and the newborn.

The software has been designed and developed the state level National Informatics Centre (NIC).

According to the Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda said that the state government at present is not able to keep track of ante natal and post natal care being provided to individual pregnant woman and the new born.

The routine immunisation, which is to be provided to each of them, is hampered due to poor infrastructure, inadequate health personnel, hilly terrain, myths and misconception especially among tribal population and low literacy rate.

According to NIC Technical Director and State Informatics Officer Shahid Ahmad, the state government conceptualised Mamta to overcome these problems.

“The broad objectives of the programme through the software is to reduce infant mortality rate (IMR), to improve the nutritional level of the child, to ensure completion of immunisation in children by tracking the proper growth of the individual child, and to reduce mother mortality rate (MMR) and reduce total fertility rate (TFR),” he said.

Tech solutions

The software is capable of capturing data of individual pregnant woman and the newly born child at Anganwadi level and offer unique name-based searches on mother and child from central database.

The tool helps the state health authorities monitor the number of deliveries taking place and number of deliveries being conducted by professionals and institutions across the state.

According to Ahmad, the solution helps track the type of birth—caesarean, still birth or normal birth—and the nutritional status of pregnant woman, including the use of iron folic acid tablets, tetanus toxide tablets and tiranga diet comprising pulses and cereals.

Software Mamta has also been designed to track complications during antenatal care like jaundice, fever and bleeding by pregnant woman, as well as number of postnatal visits and care being provided by ANMs and LHV to the mother.

Besides tracking the complications during postnatal period, it would also track the status of immunisation of individual child in an Anganwadi Centre and complete immunisation of newly born infants.

The software would also help in preparing reports including the Anganwadi wise beneficiaries due list for immunisations, depicting the tentative date for immunisation of different categories of vaccines.

With the help of the new software, the complete date chart for deadline of immunisation of different vaccines is automatically generated in report based on date of birth of child.

It would help in preparing the list for pregnant woman taking IFA (iron folic acid), the analytical reports on individuals.

The software would provide interpretative suggestions based on above reports and will help to make conclusive decisions based on analytical and interpretative reports.

By Prithwi Raj Sinha


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