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Saturday, May 10, 2008

March for Nuclear-free World

Respected Brothers/Sisters,

A March for Atom free universe has begun on 7th May 2008 from Gautam (Bodhgaya, Bihar) to Gandhi (Rajghat, New Delhi). It is to propagate Gandhian ideology regarding contrvorsies arose from peaceful utility of Atomic energy. March is led Under the supervision of Sarva Seva Sangh, the mother organization of Gandhian institutions & movements. It will conclude on 20th March evening at Bapu’s Samadhi, Rajghat, after a prayer. The march will reach Delhi at Jantar Mantar on 19th May, a day Dharana will be observed there. The March was inaugurated at Bodhgaya on 7th May by well known environmentalist Shri Sundarlal Bahuguna in the presence of more than 1000 sarvodaya activists,& sarvodaya friends. The March is being led by Shri Amarnath Bhai,coordinator national movement & contact commitee of Sarv seva sangh.

Regarding Indo-American nuclear energy treaty, arguments are coming up in favour & against. One group considers nuclear pact as a boon for the India’s development whereas the other one considers it as a curse. The later thinks hat once India signs rhis pact, It will be forced to become an ally of America, by which not only our foreign policy but also our independence and soveringly will be affected. Both groups are placing their view points in favour and against on the nuclear pact, but surprisingly both the groups consider the use of nuclear energy is issential and pride for the nation.

We Gandhians explicitly wish to keep our views in front of people of the Nation regarding nuclear energy. whether it is for peaceful use or for war fare to ensure security at the end results of both will be deadly for entire humanity and the universe. The socalled peaceful use of nuclear energy becomes deadly for unpredictable long time with a small mistake, may be due to accident of leakage or explosion. It will destroy the life in large area. In a big and powerful country like USSR, Chernobil nuclear energy centre leakage became the deadly truth. Therefore we would like to make the world aware about the deadly affect of the nuclear use.

The nuclear energy is neither cheap nor safe and also it will suffice hardly 7% energy need of the country. This will be most costly and dangerous plan for the country. MNCs of U.S.A are planning to dump their idle nuclear reactors to India, showing us green dreams, through which they want to earn a hudge profits. Feeling oneself safe with Atom Bomb is biggest mis-understanding. If you have the Atom Bomb, so the neighbour also has. Attack from either sides will destroy both the countries a very big way & also the countries near by, hence Nuclear bomb is not security but a weapon of destruction.

We therefore wish that the entire world and we Indians must come out of myth that the peaceful use of nuclear energy is need of time or Atom Bomb provides safety to the country. Having Atom Bomb is a suicidal tendency, We must come out of it. we must also free ourselves from the spider’s web of post industrial capitalists & MNCs. This centrlised system is ultimately badly affecting air, water, soil, atmosphere, forest, rivers, mountains and brings climatic change, environmental imbalances. This has brought the world on the verge of destruction. Mahatma Gandhi declared it as a ‘mad race’ in the name of progress.

India should not involve in this mad race and should show the path under this philosophy and must guide the world for a fearless and violence free world. Though we have lost a lot after getting associated with this mad race, still there is a time that we recognize the danger of the plan and move in the fear free and non-violent progress.

This March has been launched to make the real owner i.e. public aware about the above plan. You are requested to please help in every way to make this plan success i.e. involve in it yourself, further more make more and more people aware about our efforts.

Shri Amarnath Bhai Dr.Sugan Baranth
Convenor, Rashtriya Andolan Samiti, President

Sarva Seva Sangh, Sarva Seva Sangh,
Mobile : 09415228630 Post.Sevagram, Wardha (Mah.)

Shri Ramchandra Rahi, Shri Ramdhiraj,
Convenor, Convenor,

Anumukt Yatra Samiti Sarva Seva Sangh Prakashan,
Sarva Seva Sangh and Sadhana Kendra,

Mobile : 09868863735 Camp Office :
Rajghat, Varanasi – 221001

Shri Mahadev Vidrohi, Mobile : 09454220159
General Secretary,

Sevagram, Wardha-442 001

Mobile : 09429021101


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