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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Security of Senior Citizens: one more murder

Yesterday 4th May again a Senior Citizens was killed.There is news about Murder, robbery, abuse, fraud week after week and law enforcement agency are not able to STOP this.

We at Silver Innings are worried of this kind of brutal news about our Elders which are been there every week in cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

Yes we would like to work and working on solution to stop and minimize this kind of cases.

But we feel this issue has larger canvas, then being of law and order issue. Mumbai Police or Delhi Police already have Senior Citizens ID card, Registration Programme, Elder Help line. But you see it does not help. It requires Holistic approach.

Please note there are hardly and very few NGO’s working in this most neglected segment of society - the Senior Citizens.

Globalisation, competition, change in lifestyle, Migration, unstoppable growth of the mega city, break up in Joint Family system is also more responsible for this kind of repeated horrifying event and news. Seniors are left alone at home at mercy of servants and neighbors.

It’s not only duty of Cops and Government but its duty of society and every individual to protect Senior Citizens and make them live in Peace, Happy and with Dignity. Why blame cops all the time, Yes its their duty but how 35,000 cops are going to provide security to more the one crore Mumbaikar.

NGO's working for the causes of Elders are not working united there is missing link. They should work together and sensitized the society and community about the issues of Elders like Loneliness, security and care. We at Silver Innings are working on module of Networking and trying to get them together. Also most of the NGO’s in this area are working in isolation they should involve other organisation / group like Mohalla Committee, ALM, etc

Society on their own should work out mechanism like Support group, Vigilant and Neighborhood Elder Security brigade. Why can't we have College students / National Social Service students and NCC cadets taking responsibility of their own building/ own housing society?

Measure like installation of Alarm in each lonely seniors home, neighbor hood watch by college students or Housing Society, Servant identification, registration of all servants, awareness campaign in each locality/CHS for seniors, Use of technology like door, Pendent, mobile, phone, watch Security Alarm System, care and social awareness for seniors themselves and holistic approach by all Police Station will make difference and will lessen the Abuse and Security problem for Elders.

Lets cretae an Secured Environment for our Elders.

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

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Marilyn Nelson said...

You are indeed right that senior citizens, of which I am one, do need more protectiona. Here in North Dakota we had the brutal murders of a number of seniors who had no way to get help, some were shot in their sleep, others beaten by high school age kids who thought what they were doing was funny. Just because we are old, and in my case, disabled too, does not mean that we do not have more great things to teach the younger generation and still carry a place in society.