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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Silver Innings: Website for Elders 2nd Update

Silver Innings 2nd Update : 15thth May 2008

Dear Friends,
It's our pleasure to bring to you the 2nd update of your website Silver Innings. Below are new articles recently posted on various sections. To read more you need to visit particular menu on the website .Hope you enjoy this and send us your feedback at .

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Worldwide, the emphasis of efforts aimed at helping older people is shifting. It is moving away from a welfare approach to a development approach that makes the elderly active participants in programs to help them live less poverty stricken, healthier and more socially supported lives.

HelpAge International targets 2005-2010
This paper sets out HelpAge International's ambitions for 2005-2010. It is organised in eight 'themes' to provide a structure for HelpAge International to organise and monitor its work.

Ageing in India in the 21st Century: A Research Agenda is a country-specific report with special focus on priority areas and methodological issues.

List of MP's in Rajya Sabha above 60 years

Successful Ageing
With age comes happiness
The study also found that baby boomers are not as content as other generations, African Americans are less happy than whites, men are less happy than women, happiness can rise and fall between eras, and that, with age the differences narrow.

What is successful ageing and who should define it?
A forward looking policy for older age would be a programme to promote successful ageing from middle age onwards, rather than simply aiming to support elderly people with chronic conditions.

Health/ Fitness

Arthritis - Info-Sheet for Seniors
There are many forms of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common form and the most frequent joint disorder in seniors. It is also one of the major reasons why seniors limit their activities.

Joint pain should be controlled not ignored
Many of us assume that joint pain is a normal part of aging and therefore, the pain is likely here to stay. Nothing could be further from the truth, say medical professionals, especially with the advancement in treatment options that include exercise, foods, and alternative dietary supplements.

Are Your Loved one's Memory Lapses Merely Awkward? Or Are They More Serious?
For the first time ever, your mother forgot your birthday. Back from a recent vacation, your father can't recall what sites he visited.

Hard to achieve retirement peace and quiet
Apart from health issues, isn't anxiety supposed to diminish after retirement? Well, perhaps it does, or maybe it merely shifts focus.

Dementia & Alzheimer's
8 Ways to Preserve Family Memories While You Can if Your Parent Has Alzheimer's
An often-overlooked reality of Alzheimer's is that your parent's memories and knowledge of family history will eventually disappear along with her personality. Fortunately this doesn't happen instantly.

End-Stage Dementia Patients Deserve Palliative Care
"We must act now to stop people with dementia from suffering from protracted, potentially uncomfortable and undignified deaths" says Jan Draper, Professor of Nursing for The Open University, UK.

Alzheimer's Disease: Tips for Maintaining a Normal Life
Living with Alzheimer's disease is a challenge for anyone.


Nutritional Recommendations For Seniors
Numerous benefits of a healthy diet and proper nutrition include: increased mental acuteness; resistance to illness and disease; higher energy levels; a more robust immune system; faster recuperation times, and; better management of chronic health problems.

Transportation Options for Older Adults
Have you ever thought about what would happen if the transportation you use is no longer an option? How would you continue to maintain your independence so that you could continue with your daily routines?

When making a move might improve your lifeAs people age, and especially if they have chronic health conditions, at some point they're likely to find that their current home no longer suits their lifestyle or their needs.

We humans are always waiting for something to happen in our life and then we decide to make ourselves feel happy. Happiness is a state of mind which we can choose to have all the time. By Dr.Swaati Dhawan.


Plan &Act
You've reached age 60, but are you financially ready to retire in the next 2 to 6 years? If not, you are not alone. A growing number of people will work well beyond retirement age, not because they want to, but because they have to in order to meet living expenses.

Elder Law:

Age Related Policies: A Global Review on Age Discrimination LegislationAge discrimination is an important issue for older people as it can result in unequal treatment or service.

This is International Team Project – India: Northwestern University School of Law, USA, Spring 2008.Also see comments of Sailesh Mishra, Founder of Silver Innings

Parents and Grandparents
Facing Loneliness As You Get Older
Human beings are social by nature--they thrive on meaningful social interactions with others.

Parent Connection
When it comes to contentment we have a lot to learn from seniors. As I was growing up in a rural community, spending time with grandparents was a greater blessing than I then realized.

With one elderly in every twelve, India is poised to become the second largest hub of seniors in the world. By Gerontologist Amruta Lovekar, Silver Innings Team

Eyes Banks in Mumbai

Organisation working for Elderly in Asia – Pacific

Hobbies and Activities

Live & Learn
As a matter of personality and lifestyle, I never do what I'm told. So far, so good. I'm sure I'll screw it up one of these days.

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