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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Silver Innings : 1st Update

Silver Innings
Update 7th May 2008

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Situation of the Older Persons in India
The official statistics reveal that large segments of the elderly in India are illiterate, out of work force, partially or totally dependent on others and suffering from health problems or physical disabilities. A review of the Indian government’s Five Year Plans shows very limited and inconsistent concern for the elderly. The only welfare measure for the elderly considered by the government until the Seventh Five Year Plan was the running of old age homes. The Eighth and Ninth Plans, however, incorporated fairly more specific and comprehensive welfare measures for the elderly such as provision of old age homes, day care centres, Medicare and non institutional services. However, the issue of older persons’ learning has not been given any importance in the government policies and programs.

International: WHO

Women, Ageing and Health: A Framework for Action
As they age, women and men share the basic needs and concerns related to the enjoyment of human rights such as shelter, food, access to health services, dignity, independence and freedom from abuse. The evidence shows however, that when judged in terms of the likelihood of being poor, vulnerable and lacking in access to affordable health care, older women merit special attention.

Towards Age-friendly Primary Health Care
WHO’s “age-friendly” primary health care project aims to sensitize and educate PHC providers about the specific needs of their older clients. “Age-friendly Principles for PHC Centres” serve as a tool to increase provider awareness and empower older users of PHC centers.

Health/ Fitness:

Dementia & Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s Society of Europe: March 2008 News Letter
March was yet another busy period for Alzheimer Europe and our campaign to make dementia a European priority continues to gather pace. Françoise Grossetête, the Chairperson of the European Alzheimer’s Alliance put the finishing touches to a Written Declaration on Alzheimer’s disease. This will be submitted to the European Parliament and will be open for signatures for two months. We hope, of course, that half of all Members of the European Parliament will sign the Declaration to ensure it is adopted as an official European action plan on Alzheimer’s disease.

2008 Alzheimer’s disease facts and figures
The 2008 Alzheimer’s disease Facts and Figures report is a comprehensive statistical abstract of U.S. data on Alzheimer’s disease, the most common type of dementia. To provide background and context for interpreting the data, the next section, Overview of Alzheimer’s disease, defines dementia, summarizes current knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease, and briefly explains other specific types of dementia. The following sections address prevalence, family caregiving, use and costs of care, mortality, and lifetime risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Global Survey on Geriatrics in the Medical Curriculum
In response to the global challenges of population ageing, WHO launched a new programme on ageing and health in 1995 designed to advance the state of knowledge about health care in old age and gerontology through special training and research efforts, information dissemination and policy development.

Improving the oral health of older people
The proportion of older people continues to grow worldwide, especially in developing countries. Non-communicable diseases are fast becoming the leading causes of disability and mortality, and in coming decades health and social policy-makers will face tremendous challenges posed by the
rapidly changing burden of chronic diseases in old age. Chronic disease and most oral diseases share common risk factors. Globally, poor oral health amongst older people has been particularly evident in high levels of tooth loss, dental caries experience, and the prevalence rates of periodontal disease, xerostomia and oral precancer/cancer.

A scale for measuring and quantifying disability in mental disorders.The Persons with disability act 1995 includes mental illness as disability. The persons with mental illness are eligible to avail all the benefits under the persons with disability act 1995. The disabled people need disability certificate showing more than 40% disability from the competent authority to avail the benefits.


Senior citizens demand implementation of Insurance recommendations
The Forum for Health Insurance of Senior Citizens on Jan 29 2008 demanded immediate implementation of recommendations made by the Health Insurance Committee.

Schemes for payment of Pensions to Central Government of India

Financial and legal tips
It is important for a person with dementia to organise their financial and legal affairs while they are still able to do so. This ensures that their affairs will be organised in the future in a way that they have chosen. A person with dementia may want a friend or family member to help them with this

Elder Law:

See the list of Standing Committee Members on ‘The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Bill, 2007’ of Government of India

M I S S I N G V O I C E S: WHO Elder Abuse Report
Elder abuse, the mistreatment of older people, though a manifestation of the timeless phenomenon of inter-personal violence, is now achieving due recognition. Prevalence studies concerning abuse of older persons have so far been restricted to developed nations. In developing countries, though, there is no systematic collection of statistics or prevalence studies, crime records, journalistic reports, social welfare records and small scale studies to provide evidence that abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of elders are widely prevalent.

Parents and Grandparents
Dear son/daughter...The day that you see me old, have patience and try to understand me

Hobbies and Activities:
Jobs and Self Employment – Jobs Available

News and Events

See Detail list of Events in 2008

Articles “Changing the Myths of Aging”

Pragati: The Indian National Interest Review
Published by The Indian National Interest - an independent community of individuals committed to increasing public awareness and education on strategic affairs, economic policy and governance.

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