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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Youth convention on AIDS

Indian Committee of Youth Organisations (ICYO) is organising the National Youth Convention in partnership with UNICEF and other youth organisations in India from May 28-30, 2008 in Bangalore.

The purpose of this convention is to create a platform for young voices to fight against HIV and AIDS and take up issues that affect youth in the country.

Indian Committee of Youth Organisations (ICYO) is a non-profit network committed to develop areas of mutual cooperation and understanding among different youth voluntary agencies, groups and clubs and individuals functioning in India and South Asia.

The program is being organised in association with organisations such as ICYO (Indian Committee of Youth Organisations), New Delhi, CARDTS, Bangalore, CYDA Pune and other youth organisations and networks across India.

The convention will bring together over 400 youth from different parts of the country to re-emphasise the importance of youth and community mobilisation and explore and bring about a greater understanding of roles and responsibilities of youth in society: how youth can be a strong force for change, both internal (Self) and external (community); how youth can link with other members of society; mobilising youth for action in the community; services and information needs of youth with a special focus on HIV and AIDS.

This will be done through plenary, panel discussions and skill workshops and exhibitions.

The groups/ organisations from India can nominate the 3-4 persons between 18 to 24 years to join this programme.

The participants have to reach Bangalore on May 27, 2008 while the departure is on May 31, 2008.

The organisers will take care of the logistics, food, accommodation and transportation costs.

The travel expenses to and fro Bangalore shall be born by participating organisations.

Interested organisations have to send their details to



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