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Sunday, May 25, 2008

RTI Bachao, Pendency Hatao

The RTI Act is beginning to take the shape of a great Citizen's campaign;- empowering Citizens to monitor and get accountability from their Government. Maharashtra State had about 25000 RTI applications in 2004 when the State act was in operation. After the National Act came, over one lac applications were made in 2006. The State PIOs received over 3 lac applications in 2007, and this puts Maharashtra leading the nation in RTI usage. At this rate the number of RTI applications is likely to touch the figure of over 10 lac applications by 2009.

The final adjudication for all RTI matters is with the Information Commission. This is now becoming a bottleneck since over 16000 second appeals and complaints are pending with them. They are presently clearing appeals of 2006, and if this continues the Citizen will have to wait over two years to get a decision from the Commission, effectively subverting this timebound Act.

The State Information Commissioner responsible for Pune division, Shri V. V. Kuvalekar has responded to this crisis with an innovative method to correct this situation and deliver the RTI act to the Citizens. He will share the details of this initiative at K.C. Law College on Wednesday, 28th May.

The program is being organized by K.C. Law College. I will introduce the topic and highlight the perils faced by RTI by the mounting pendencies at the Information Commissions.

In this context the experiment by Mr. Kuvalekar is very significant and needs to be highlighted and supported. He will also commit to a norm for disposing second appeals. Mr. Kuvalekar will be showing a short film to explain his methodology. He has also consented to answer queries on his innovation and the State of RTI to members of media and Citizens.

It will be a very significant event for the Right to Information movement and is open to all Citizens and members of media.

Title: RTI Bachao – Pendency Ghatao - Information Commissioner of Pune innovates.
Venue- K.C.Law College, Ist floor ,near Churchgate Station.
Time: 5.00pm to 7.00pm.
Date: Wenesday 28th May, 2008Mr. Kuvalekar is former editor of Sakal, apart from being a celebrated writer of scripts and lyrics in Marathi movies. He will speak in Marathi.

Shailesh Gandhi

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