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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A baby’s Prayer from Hiroshima to save Human Race

6th August Hiroshima Day

A baby’s Prayer from Hiroshima to save Human Race from nuclear destruction

My grand aunt died two years ago. Strangely, there was more relief in the family than grief at her death. She was not like us. She had some deformation in her body. She could not speak properly and she was physically and mentally challenged, so she could not go to school.

She always carried a wonderful smile on her face. I love her very much and we liked to play with each other.

As I grew up, I asked my parents, why God was so unkind that He made my grand aunt the way she was and I was told by my parents that this was not the handiwork of God. This was the result of man’s greed and ambition to rule the world.

I failed to understand so they explained to me what had happened. My father’s grand mother was pregnant when that atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. She was away from the spot where the bomb was dropped and was affected by radiation of Atom Bomb. Some thought that she was lucky and so was the baby in her womb, to have survived but that was not to be. When my grand aunt was born, she was deformed by radiation of atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The family decided to take extra care of it and give the baby more love.

Many countries want to make more and more nuclear bomb to get power and to rule the world. But I don’t understand who will be survivor after the nuclear war and who will be the winner.

It does not require courage to drop bombs. One has to be heartless and cold-blooded to do so. It requires courage to stand up peacefully and nonviolently like Mahatma Gandhi.

If only 10% of the budget spent on defence or manufacturing of arms of the world is saved and spend on education and health, then all the children of the world can live a better life.

I don’t understand why elders of all nations talk about peace, brotherhood, equality, human rights, non-violence and established the international institutions like UN for peace. In fact, they are doing just opposite. Why? Why they don’t think for their children’s future to whom they say they love?

Oh God! Please give wisdom to elders not to destroy this beautiful Earth for the sake of their children’s future.
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