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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mother I love You


I appreciate the many prayers you've whispered during the worst moments in my life, and the many hopes for my success in all that I dreamed of.

I appreciate the kind wishes that would make me so happy and fulfilled, and the gentle words of encouragement that were meant to strengthen my quests.

I appreciate the moments of sorrow you experienced during my failures, and the little gestures of kindness that always made me feel better.

I appreciate your acceptance, your ability to understand, and the sincere friendship that always gave me such security.

I appreciate the wisdom of all the lessons you taught, and the meaning behind the words "unconditional love."

I appreciate all you've done - every word and gesture. I know you've been the best there is - a mother beyond all compare.

For all you've done... thank you, Mom. For all that you are... I love you.

By Author Unknown

Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

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